Team (A-Visit to the Buffet: Synergist)

Artist: Nick Russell, ©2014 Lost Spheres Publishing

Yesterday we discussed the divine channeler as a potential “fifth wheel” class of the “buff-er” or support role. A great support character can fill in for missing character roles or make the going much easier on a larger party. We’ll be looking at some of the more unusual offerings for this role over the next few days. And today we have the ultimate team-player… the synergist by Amora Game.

Buff-et Basics: The Synergist

If you don’t mind a little bookkeeping and increased tactical awareness, the synergist has some of the most unusual and fun abilities we have seen. With that in mind we will be comparing them to the Core Rulebook bard‘s abilities to benchmark:

  • Song of Steel: Our synergist‘s Medium BAB matches the bard, blow for blow. The weapon selection is more narrow gaining only simple weapons. Armor is up to medium, so slightly better than bard. The cohesion class feature also grants shield bonuses from being near your “cast” or party.
  • Song of Magic: None. However, the class gains jaw dropping teamwork feat abilities. Including the ability to share feats, function without proper partners (like an inquisitor), and a generous allotment of bonus teamwork feats. The benefits of this ability are so good they may indeed equal out the “loss” of the bards spell casting abilities.
  • Song of Lore: 4+Int is not really all that great compared to the bardic distrubution and the class has a tighter list. This can be made up for by the Aptitude synergy (see below). If you need to cover up the lore gap, consider thinning out your points to go over as many skills as possible and save synergy for later boosts.
  • Song of Support: The synergist’s main buffing ability comes from its synergy class feature. This is a unique ability to harvest the success of the party to increase abilities from the “momentum” of the party. “For each successful attack action, saving throw
    or skill check made in the round by a member of her cast, the synergist gains a +1 bonus synergy counter.” Possible buffs include:

    • Aptitude: Counters given to a cast member grant a competence bonus to skill checks equal +2 for every counter bestowed.
    • Battle Acuity: The cast member receives a morale bonus to attack rolls.
    • Battle Surge: The synergist can grant the chosen member of her cast a bonus of 5 temporary hit points for each counter she has channeled. These temporary hit
      points disappear once the synergy duration ends.
    • Calm: The cast member gains a morale bonus to all Concentration skill checks.
    • Defense: This synergy grants the chosen cast member an insight bonus to Armor Class.
    • Elusive: The chosen cast member receives a morale bonus to CMD.
    • Fate: For every 2 points of synergy channeled, the cast member is granted +1 luck bonus to all saving throws.
    • Fleet: A cast member gains a morale bonus of +5 feet to their land speed for each counter that is bestowed.
    • Maneuver Expertise: The synergist can grant chosen members of her cast a morale bonus to CMB.
    • Swift Surge: A cast member is granted a circumstance bonus to initiative rolls. If used after a combat has started, the beneficiary (only) gains a bonus to initiative equal to the channeled bonus, allowing them to move up the initiative order. If this bonus moves the recipient ahead of the synergist in the initiative order, then the recipient acts before the synergist and the synergist acts after their action has finished. When this synergy ends, the beneficiary returns to their original initiative order.

Compared to the bard, the synergist is a similar workday for buffs but with far greater variability. Application of synergy tokens can also vary from member to member allowing customized benefits. The teamwork feat mastery of the class is on par with the best aspects of cavalier and inquisitor making it top rankings for the mechanic.

Not the right fit for you? Come back tomorrow for “buff-et” eats.  Paramour is our support role claass or you can pre-order the Book of Beyond WIP subcription or see our other products at:, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow.

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