A Glint of Metal (City of Seven Seraphs: Preview Judow Shadewalker)

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Preview Judow Shadewalker.png

Judow Shadewalker -Artist: Vincent Coviello

On the road home from Gen Con so we will “just” leave you with Vincent Coviello’s amazing render of Michael Sayre’s second base class the shadewalker and as a bonus she is a member of the judow race by N. Jolly, a fusion of humanoid and Inevitable crafted in the loving care of kytons. Are you as excited as we are?


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Cut to the Bone (Linnorm Ridge by Vincent Coviello)

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When David Ross filled parts of my Orchard with  dragon bones and I bathed them in Radia’s light I knew we were on to something cool and then Vincent brought it home:

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Reflections (City of Seven Seraphs: Echo)


ShadowBanner - Echo

With everyone using the “Book of Faces” and participation at live events here at Gen Con, Mike gained the necessary power to catalyze his powers. A temporal cascade of shadow magic allowed Mike to resonate with the distant past of the City of Seven Seraphs and reflect the power of its oldest tradition…

For Solving Shadow Lock Three Mike has earned the backers a reflected version of the oldest Lost Spheres Publishing class: Echo. The Masters of Mirror this class uses its abilities to give as given with customizable class features allowing it a diverse pool mimicry from the class feature called Reflections. Revised and new class features update this once modest class to level of awesome it deserves.

3 base classes… 2 new races…. and behind Shadow Lock Four? Keep an eye out for it to surface!

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Take a Number (City of Seven Seraphs: Numerology)

(55% Funded! Week 2 begins!)

Concept for judow mage – Artist: Vincent Coviello

Numerology in the City of Seven Seraphs

A very brief look at the single digit numbers as seen by someone classically educated in City of Seven Seraphs:

One – Source. The Origin of energy, creation or being. A Cosmic beginning and heavily debated on planar attribution. The Eternal Font. Some attribute this to the Positive Energy Plane, others say that both Positive and Negative are but aspects of this singularity. Some Eternals claim it is the Source of Divinity.

Two – Duality. The concept of two forces acting together to create, bind or balance. The First Sacred Number of the long dead Church of Parity. This number is held in esteem by the romantic but as often derided as potentially stagnant and devoid of true progression. Some adhere that it is the last or only number of trust.

Three – Power. The Trinity of alternating synergy seen as the height of expressed power. Triads form the ruling bodies of most Parities for this reason. The Courts rely on three judges of three Parities because of this reason. Many Eternals claim that three is the Number of Victory.

Four – Balance. Representing the crossed dualities and the most basic of systemic reality, four is the Elements and the Ethos. For is the Seasons and the Ages. It is also considered the number of Fairness and the Courts have four levels as such: Communal, Civic, District and Council.

Five – (Contended) Entropy or Faith. This number is seen in a negative light by most in the City. The digits of the grasping hand of the Gods. The need for valor and compassion for a life other than the one lived. The Eternal see it as an incomplete Union and a sign that progress will come only through opposition as the thumb opposes the finger. They herald it as a sign of Entropy and indicate it as the first threat to balance. It is unsurprising that most non-Eternal faiths find adherents only in the non-humanoid races of the City. Adherents of the Divinities claim the number is faith and the division
between mortal and God.

Six – Union. The drawing together of Many in One, this is the highest ideal of the Eternal. It allows action between opposites and joins enemies as unstoppable alliances. The number of the Seraphs wings is chosen for this force so claimed the lost Faith of Parity, so too claims the Faith Devoured. The Warden for Circles (their patrol structure) in groups of Six, each one selected from a different parity.

Seven – Infinity. The highest expression of singular force, the number of expansion from nothing to forever. This aspect is why Hyraeatan has Seven Seraphs, each to take in the infinite before it. The City is meant to be Eternal and exceed the limits of the singular.

Eight – Order. The system of synergized balances. It represents an ideal that the City tries to emulate. The Districts and the Seraph’s Ring for the Eight of the City and represent its Order. Eight is the the number of the Lattice and represents the number of Shadow Roads that lead to the city and depicted on
the eight legs of the Weaver.

Nine – Ascension. The number of omnipotence or zenith. Generally seen as transitory is often ascribed as the Goal of the Eternal. Power times Power it is the doorway into the next state. The experience of this state Nine times is express goal of many ascendant traditions and is highly popular in the House of Heights.

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Follow You Into the Dark (The Second Shadow Lock has Opened!)

(Kickstarter 51% Funded – Click Here To Visit!)

Pencils down everyone! The second Shadow Lock has been discovered and solved! And it really couldn’t have been planned any cooler than this… People keeping up with the story know that a few days ago a young girl discovered the first Shadow Lock that barred the way to the City of Seven Seraphs.

The girl, Catherine came from her home the land of Murray, to walk a dark path on the way to her home. And there on the walls she sensed it, a message from another place. It made her aware of the Shadow Locks sealing the Paths of the Lattice and secret City they hid. She followed the messages instructions and followed her them into the Dark…

She was not alone.

Something had stirred sensing the shattering of its ancient locks. Long had it barred the way of the First Circle. And it was it sent something for Catherine…

…But someone else heard the whispers of the Ruby Revelation warning of danger to Catherine. She followed the Revelation’s whispers until she found the Riddle of the second Shadow Lock to discover the Book of Faces and invoke the power of the Name. The Archweaver heard her and Nichole was cast through Shadow into the Locus of Breaking. Nichole emerged from the locus transformed… bearing the power to save Catherine…

Bearing the power to save her Daughter.

Judow Shadewalker - CR.png ShadowBanner - Shadewalker

Thanks to Nichole of Murray, Utah the City of Seven Seraphs book has gained a second new base class: The Shadewalker. A new master of the spaces in between, the shadewalker joins our the nexus AND is an increase to the base page count at NO ADDITIONAL cost to backers.

Congrats to all of us! Michael Sayre has engaged class design and Vincent Coviello has begun to render our first shadewalker iconic (who is also a sneak peak at N Jolly’s judow but that is a story for another time.

See you at Gen Con!

And keep an eye out for Shadow Lock three!

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Your Song (City of Seven Seraphs Theme: Inspiration)

Night Orchard by Oksana Kharitonova - Preview.jpg

Into the Glarewood – Artist: Oksana Kharitonova

“I wonder sometimes if there is more inside the City of Seven Seraphs than outside it.”

-Branna Dishane, Guard of Seedhollow on first seeing the Glarewood

City of Seven Seraphs Theme: Inspiration

Like Duality (Which hid the Puzzle of the first Shadow Lock!), the central Theme of Inspiration is entering every crack of design of the City. We see fantasy gaming as a way to experience life beyond its singular limitations–To explore the self and find the Hero Within. Our team is also striving to grant thought provoking concepts, stunning visuals, and subtle graphic symbology… all in an effort to deliver on the central theme of Inspiration in the City of Seven Seraphs.

The shadow-planar metropolis is showered from above with the primal energies of Radia, the Etherstorm, a phenomena created by a massive Ethereal Planar vortex churning high about the City. Radia serves as light and rain for the city but its emissions mostly come from demi-planar bleed from places like the Realm of Dreams, the Dread Mists or the Nightmare Lands charging the physical reality of the City emotion and power and can’t help but move its inhabitants.

The Inspiration Theme in Your Game

We here on the City of Seven Seraphs’ team believe that music can help inspire us to make amazing things for our backers and customers. So as you prep YOUR games, feel free to listen to the things going through our heads as we render this world to share with all of you!

First off, so many of our design team are listening to Florence & The Machine that we are just putting it up here at the beginning of the list because it will save time and and word count repeating it over and over. Christen says that this cover of “Stand by Me” the band did for Final Fantasy XV might be good to listen to as you imagine the journey of a Circle of Wardens through the darkness of Shadow as they patrol the Lattice or wander into the fae depths of the Glarewood:



Christen N. Sowards (Project Creator, Lead Designer, Captain Ahab) – Christen thrives on cross-pollination and organic synthesis of literary themes, dramatic reveals and strange alien vistas. He recommends “Fusion Alchemist” by Samaya if you want to know what his head feels like right now.




N. Jolly (Racial Design and Planar Mechanics) – N Jolly is busy at work crafting the living wonders of the judow. Born of the Clarity of Law, their time in the tender mercies of the kytons of the Chours of Deep Shadow transformed them into something else. Guiding his newborns in to choosing the fate of face, N Jolly recommends the soundscapes of NieR: Automata





Savannah Broadway (Parity Development):  As she wanders in from other work, Savannah is letting the sounds of the Breath of the Wild Soundtrack fade away so she can fill her head with Sympathy for the Devil, her “unofficial” anthem for fiendish bargainers of the Temple of Coin.




Liz Courts (Layout & Graphic Design):  As Liz weaves blindingly vivid beauty from Light and Dark (and all the lies between), she simmers in a mix of songs like Nebelhexe’s “Touch of Morpheus”, or Bastille’s “Pompeii”. When striving for deep immersion soundtracks like Hellgate: London do the trick:







Jessica Redekop (District Design) –  As she stalks the streets of the Archives District painting secret libraries and deadly devices under the seemingly worthless shanties, Jess prefers the focusing assurances of repetitious rhythms like Reasonably Sound’s “Sleeplessness” to keep her focus as she evades detection by greyroot-addled ruffians and the Bookbinders’ roving guardians.




David N. Ross (Parity & District Design) – David has taken on a lot between the Eternals of the House of Heights, the etheric artists and creators of the Descendants of Dream and the soon-to-previewed Orchard District. He and Christen hold one real world Queen in pretty high esteem, the incomparable Janelle Monae! You might want to check out her poise, pageantry and sheer awesome:





Michael Sayre (Nexus Base Class Design) – Michael loves the sounds of the Scorpion King OST for penning amazing adventure and awakening the planar energy centers of the new Nexus base class. When it is time to up word count output he goes a little heavier with Blind Guardian and Black Sabbath.





Todd Stewart (Parity Design, Pesh Connoisseur & Planar Guru) – Todd delves the mysteries of the vampiric elders of the Sanguine Sovereignty and their Faith Devoured songs by Tool and Marilyn Manson help guide the words. Perhaps some shadow of Portugal the Man’s music will echo the halls of the Chyrsalis Covenants self-evolutions.





George “Loki” Williams (Parity, District and Bestiary Design) – Loki drinks in the jazz and ambient sounds of New Orleans as he circles the city as tout…. er.. tour guide for visitors. But unafraid to dig deeper for inspirations he favors less common rhythms like Kuleg Baatar as he drafts the streets and sails the starry depths of our own Port City.




Colin McComb (Location & Persona Design, Planar Godfather, Kitten Slave) – Veteran Torment scribe, Colin McComb lets Brian Eno flow when he wants to enter the stranger lands of his mind especially Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) and Another Green World.


Hopefully you find something in these musical suggestions that INSPIRE YOU as a gamer. And speaking of gamers….. The team is on our way to Gen Con! Look for video updates and live feeds from the 50th Anniversary of the “Greatest 4 Days in Gaming”

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Only 48 hours for early adoption AND Nexus playtest!

(46% Funded by Day 5! Visit campaign here!)

Nexus - Iconic - Final

Nexus Iconic – Artist: Vincent Coviello

Greeting Spherewalkers, Backers and other awesome people! We are 46% percent funded on Day 5!!! We are so excited that our team has gone into OVERDRIVE trying to give you preview material for this project! Michael Sayre was so fast that the Nexus is ready to fly… into a special closed playtest within this week!!! All backers at PDF level and higher will be receiving this document within the week. And get ready to visit the feytouched splendor of the Orchard District. Vincent is hard at work on new concept art and our environment artists have been given the green-light to render. Get ready for a flood of new vistas and amazing planar phenomena!!

Want to get on the playtest but aren’t sure if you want to back us yet? Look for team members at Gen Con with our City of Seven Seraphs bookmarks, get one, and post a selfie with it to our facebook page. We will send you a link to the closed playtest documentation.

The left the gates unguarded. The Planes are ours.

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