Bonus Content from the “Find the Hero Within” Blog

Cooperative Difference (Teamwork)

Your beneficial effects interact well with other similar effects, your individual efforts pushing the best to better.

Prerequisite: Cha 13.
Benefit: If you and another ally that possesses this feat both bestow an effect, spell or power that grants a beneficial bonus (morale, insight, circumstance, etc.) to any ally that would normally overlap due to being the same bonus type but generated by a different source, the highest of those bonuses is instead increased by a +1.
Special: The benefit provided by this feat increases to a +2 at 10th level. Spells with greater and lesser versions count as different sources for this effect. Class abilities that refer to a single class ability (bardic performance for example) are considered different sources if they are granted by a different class (skald or sifu increasing a bard’s morale bonus for example).

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