Light Me Up (A Visit to the Buff-et: Guide)


Yesterday we discussed the synergist by Amora Game as a potential “fifth wheel” class of the “buff-er” or support role. A great support character can fill in for missing character roles or make the going much easier on a larger party. We’ll be looking at some of the more unusual offerings for this role over the next few days. And today we have the voice of good advice (and little crickets?)… the Guide by  Little Red Goblin Games.

Buff-et Basics: The Guide

If you don’t mind really scaling back your direct combat presence, the inspirational abilities of the of the guide. With that in mind we will be comparing them to the Core Rulebook bard‘s abilities to benchmark:

  • Song of Steel: Our guide‘s low BAB clocks in below the bard, blow for blow. The weapon selection is well non-existent. Yup. No weapon proficiency at all. Armor is is the same. Did I mention scaling back your direct combat presence? So far below bard, it may just outright rule the class out for some. Add in the first level ability that lets you turn into a tiny ball of light, and well, you can get your cricket on with some hope of being flat ignored. You do get both your Dexterity and Charisma to your AC though.
  • Song of Magic: None. The guide does gain a lot of supernatural abilities and spell-like, many of which are usable at Will. These  abilities are generally small things but some offensive options exist (magic missile and a limited use scorching ray for instance). You also gain a healing pool and eventual a spell resistance aura. Lastly the guide gets a large number of sensory abilities (from true seeing to x-ray vision) that allow it to warn party members of possible dangers.
  • Song of Lore: 8+Int isn’t bad, and with all Knowledges they cover a large spectrum of lore they have some social and awareness based classed skills but that is about it. Good think we are planning someone who wants to tell OTHER people what to do.
  • Song of Support: The guide‘s buffing abilities are scattered throughout the classes progression and features though the first comes from its interaction class feature. These are a menu based selection of possible Possible buffs include:
    • Fairy Blessing (Su): A guide grants a single ally within 30 feet of her a luck bonus on attack rolls equal to 1/4th her guide level (minimum +1). Once this is taken, it is permanently active, though the guide can suppress it at will as a swift action. The guide can switch who the target of this ability is as a move action. The guide can take a move action to extend the benefit of this to all allies within 30 feet until the start of the guide’s next turn. A guide may
      never benefit from this ability. (NOTE: This attack bonus stacks with bardic music!)
    • Wildwards (Su): At 8th level, all allies within 30 feet of a guide (including herself) gain Spell Resistance equal 10 + her guide level. At 18th level, once per day a guide may cast spell immunity as a spell-like ability. This may be raised or lower by the recipient as a free action.
    • Heroes’ Hearts (Sp): At 10th level a guide can establish a telepathic link between her friends at will, as a standard action. This functions as per the spell telepathic bond.
    • Limited Wishes (Sp): At 10th level, once per week the guide can use limited wish as a spell-like ability. However, the guide may not request the wish and the ability will fail if the guide seeks to influence the request (at the GM’s discretion. A guide cannot ask someone else to wish for something for
      them for example). The wish must benefit the creature wishing and must be approved by the guide (she has a choice if she wishes to grant the wish or not). A guide need not have the material component for the limited wish spell and may cast it as a swift action.

Compared to the bard, the guide is a omega-level workday staying power. Most buffs are persistent and require only a little attention from the player. The ability to eventually pull a limited wish out is a great last ditch power to save the party now and then and has amazing roleplaying implications. Just be prepared for a nearly non-existent physical presence in combat and to help your companions hearts (and hits) soar!

Not the right fit for you? Come back tomorrow for “buff-et” eats.  Paramour is our support role claass or you can pre-order the Book of Beyond WIP subcription or see our other products at:, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow.

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