Announcing: Akashic Realms – Emperors & Einherjar

Akashic Realms 1 Teaser Logo.pngStorm Hammer Samurai - Promo

Some people might expect us to be taking it easy after getting City of 7 Seraphs ready but that isn’t remotely the case. Today we announce Akashic Realms: Emperors & Einherjar! An exploration into the veilweaving and lore of two Realms of the Outer Spheres, this supplement brings new planar powers into the hands of your players:

  • A  new Zodiac cosmology for your solar and lunar champions to summon and equip themselves with.
  • New convergences to empower the planar might of the nexus
  • New veils including the powers of the Asgardian mythos and the sinister Dark Shogunate.

Get ready heroes, for some of us the adventure is just beginning!

Not on board the new age of planar adventure? You can get started with City of 7 Seraphs here:


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2 Responses to Announcing: Akashic Realms – Emperors & Einherjar

  1. Bryan Mangum says:



  2. Grevas says:

    Looking forward to it. Just bought a ton of Lost Spheres material in the last couple weeks after hearing about Co7S. Going to be doing session 1 soon!


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