Codex of Blood is out!

Judow “Glasspunk” Warrior – by Dionisis Milonas

Thank you again for supporting us in bringing City of 7 Seraphs and the multiverse of planar adventure to life! Our exploration of Infinity continues with new martial options for the initiator system introduced by Dreamscarred Press. Two stand alone products for mystic martial mastery are now available:

The Voltaic – A warrior fueled by stamina, speed, and storm-like fury. With new archetypes and a discipline that allow you to find the Spark of Battle. (Get it here!)

The Codex of Blood: Parasites & Paragons – A new base class and 16 new archetypes with 3 new disciplines and expanded compatibility with the Dreamscarred Press releases. (Get it here!)

Spheres of Might more your martial moves? Don’t forget Lost Champions which will shortly be getting some new expansion material as well. Beyond this melee of magnificence, we have A LOT more content coming down the pipe. Secrets of the City. the Axial Libris, and more Akashic Realms!

Thanks so much for your continued support!

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