All I Need is a Miracle (A Visit to the Buff-et: Divine Channeler)

cropped-fb-herald.jpgYesterday we discussed the aether blade as a potential “fifth wheel” class of the “buff-er” or support role. A great support character can fill in for missing character roles or make the going much easier on a larger party. We’ll be looking at some of the more unusual offerings for this role over the next few days. And today we miraculous servant of the Gods… the divine channeler by Rite Publishing.

Buff-et Basics: The Divine Channeler

We know it might be strange to consider this variant cleric-relative a buff character but exploring the powers of domain channeling abilities it is hard to deny that it functions in this way first and a divine spellcaster  second. As we look at the divine channeler we will be comparing them to the Core Rulebook bard‘s abilities to benchmark:

  • Song of Steel: Our divine channeler‘s Medium BAB matches the bard, blow for blow. The weapon selection is more narrow gaining only simple weapons but domains may expand on these limited options. Armor is light, as is bard.
  • Song of Magic: 9th level full casting and access to the cleric spell list makes the divine channeler a possible candidate for entirely different roles in the party (notable healer) but a “support” oriented divine channeler is more likely to use spells post combat in favor of their channel energy and domain channels. Note also they favor domain slots over common slots making them MUCH more invested in domain selections.
  • Song of Lore: 4+Int is not really all that great compared to the bardic distrubution and the class has a tighter list. This is probably the main Achilles Heel for the class, creative spell use and domain selections can limit this weakness if needed.
  • Song of Support: The divine channeler gets domain based combat and major channeling effects that are far more variable than the standard positive and negative channelers. This is a burst resource meaning that they are more powerful than bardic buffs but when it comes to workday still face resource management choices. Domain channels vary widely and should be selected to match your allies. Channel shaping and exclusion feats are also a must. Possible buffs include:
    • Animal (Major) – Beast Strength: You can, as a standard action, use one of your
      uses of channel energy to infuse a single animal (the creature must be of the animal type, it cannot be a magical beast, an augmented animal or any other creature type) within the range of your channeling with incredible strength. The
      increase to strength is a sacred (or profane) bonus equal to the number of dice you would normally roll when channeling and lasts a number of minutes equal to the bonus (3d6 would equal a +3 strength bonus lasting 3 minutes, 4d6 would equal a +4 bonus lasting 4 minutes, etc.).
    • Chaos (Major) – Vertigo: You can, as a standard action, utilize one of your uses of channel energy to create a field of vertigo and disorientation causing all those, excepting yourself, within range of your channeling to become flatfooted. This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to the number of dice you would normally roll when channeling (3d6 equals 3 rounds, 4d6 equals 4 rounds, etc.). Those affected are allowed a Will save each round to negate this effect for 1 round.
    • Community (Combat) – Channeled Blessing: You can, as a standard action, use one of your uses of channel energy to infuse all those within the range of your channeling with a bonus on attack rolls and on saving throws against fear. The effect is a sacred (or profane) bonus equal to half the number of dice you normally roll when channeling, rounded up, and lasting a number of rounds equal to the number of dice you normally roll (2d6 equals +1 bonus for 2 rounds, 3d6 equals +2 bonus for 3 rounds,Aura of Defense: 
    • Darkness (Major) – Sightless Eyes: You can, as a standard action, utilize one of your uses of channel energy to strike those within the range of your channeling, excepting yourself, blind. The effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to the number of dice you would normally roll when channeling energy (3d6 equals a
      duration of 3 rounds, 4d6 equals a duration of 4 rounds, etc.). A Fortitude save negates this effect and those failing their saves are allowed a new save each round.
    • Death (Major) – Death’s Blade: You can, as a standard action, use one of your uses of channel energy to infuse all weapons within the range of your channeling with harmful energy. When these weapons strike, inaddition to their regular damage they deal damage equal to the amount of energy you
      would normally generate through your channeling. (Example: A cleric that would normally channel 3d6 points of energy would infuse weapons with the ability to deal an additional 3d6 points of damage.) This harmful charge lasts for a number of rounds equal to the number of dice that would be rolled and is
      discharged as soon as the weapon strikes a target.
    • Dozens of other abilities varied by strength and domain.

Compared to the bard, the divine channeler is a more rapid burst support style. The ability to rapidly burn through a resource like channel energy quickly for the majority of their powerful abilities can make workday mechanics tricky BUT after the majority of their channel uses are expended they can still default to powerful if heavily thematic spellcasters for a few more encounters.

Not the right fit for you? Come back tomorrow for “buff-et” eats.  Paramour is our support role claass or you can pre-order the Book of Beyond WIP subcription or see our other products at:, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow.

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