Featured Artist: Bryan Syme

Telekinetic Blackblade

Blackblade Telekinetic – Artist: Bryan Syme, ©2018 Lost Spheres Publishing

As we continue to develop the City of 7 Seraphs book, we wanted to share some of the amazing artwork by project artist Bryan Syme. Chosen for his remarkable skills at presenting powerful figures, anatomical realities, and actualizing some VERY challenging art orders, Bryan is doing a lot of heavy lifting on populating the Districts and Parities of the City.

Mindblade Noble

Mindblade Noble – Artist: Bryan Syme, ©2018 Lost Spheres Publishing

Bryan has a huge body of work and has worked with some of the best companies and properties out there from Paizo to Kobold Press to Warhammer. We are overjoyed to have his work in the book.


Pon Pon Electrokinetic – Artist: Bryan Syme, ©2018 Lost Spheres Publishing

Check out more of Bryan’s work: Here.

And you can see all of his work on City by pre-ordering your copy: Here.

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