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Upgrade (City of Seven Seraph: Nexus Layout Sample)

(Kickstarter: 41% Backed) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lostspheres/city-of-seven-seraphs-a-planar-campaign-capstone-f Long time customers have asked us what the relative increase in quality would be for the City of Seven Seraphs over our earlier backlist…. Michael Sayre, Vincent Coviello, and Liz Courts have an answer for you:

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Moments of Convergence (Kickstarter Update and the Nexus!)

The Kickstarter is 30% funded on day 1! Thank you!!!   “The soul is an open gate; the only question is where the gate leads.” City of Seven Seraphs: Nexus Base Class The nexus base class will is part of … Continue reading

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