Almost…. (City of Seven Seraphs: Bloodhulk Spawn Preview)

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That is a vampire? But shouldn’t it… sparkle?”

-Primeworld Recruit to the Wardens on their first visit to the Chapel of the Faith Devoured.

This is it! Less than 5% remains between us and the City resolving from Shadow and Dream.

Thank you to all of our team members, friends, family, backers and for getting us to this point. But we need to see it home (and maybe into some amazing Stretch Goals!). Spread the word!! Here are links for ease of sharing:

Kickstarter Campaign:


Visit the Coinspinner Preview here:–Coinspinner-Preview!

Visit the Orchard District Here:–Orchard-District-Preview

Can we fund today and get into Stretch Goals in the last 48 hours?



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Face the Future (City of Seven Seraphs – Shadow Lock: Infinity – PC Races)

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Rhyzala androgyn small

Rhyzala sporeborn racial iconic – Artist: Vincent Coviello

“I enjoy this Now, it is mine and I am its. I would not bloom here were their not need but I know now I shall enjoy discovering what it is.”

– Xejyls, rhyzala mystic.

City of Seven Seraphs – Shadow Lock: Infinity – Races Reveal


ShadowBanner - Expanded Races.png

Tieflings, oreads, and other planetouched fill the streets of the City of Seven Seraphs much like other great metropolises but they aren’t alone. In today’s Infinity Lock reveal we introduce you to the races of the City that are new to people unfamiliar with its populace.

In the increased pagecounts the PC Races Section expands to its full vision of :

  • Rhyzala – Thilo “Endzeitgeist” Graf gives us these spore-born wonders. Each rhyzlala are individualized blooms of the Grand Rhizome, a massive cross-temporal organism. Rhyzala differentiate to to increase their successes interacting with the cultures and time periods they encounter.
  • Judow – N. Jolly’s race born of inevitable and kyton influences upon the ancient Judges of the pre-Wonder War era. Enemies must face the powers of their nocturne gaze or lose clarity in the face of Shadow judgement.
  • Veryx – Often thought of as the Archweaver’s own brood, these spiders have a long history in the City of Seven Seraphs. Their species’ ancestral links to the chelicerae share a less parasitic relationship with spellcasters, allowing for various symbiotic bonds to develop between them and partner magic-using organisms.
  • Xodai – Living prisons created to contain the sundered essences of Great Fiends and Elder Creatures, these beings are reborn from willing volunteers offering themselves up to take on this sacred charge. Able to draw strength from their hellcore prisons they wield the powers of their prisoners against those yet to be contained.
  • Mirrorkin – Renegade Sarrosians’ these strange creatures shift in essence to become expressions of those they travel with. Mirroring similar abilities and traits or allies or reflective opposites, they are prone to shifting identities and chimeric abilities. Those wishing to remain as they are strive for lifelong traveling partners and friendships.
  • Shadow Fey – These creatures (originally introduced in the amazing *Advanced Race Compendium from Kobold Press) have a native population in the Glarewood and many have settled the City proper trying to distance themselves from the Mithral Throne and Prince Maelwyn’s intrigues.
  • Ceptu – A race of telekinetic creatures resembling jellyfish of the Prime Worlds, this race originally appeared in Oathbound: Seven for Pathfinder. Their psychics were drawn to the Radia in the City’s earliest days and they have been instrumental in the days since the Resolution. Many find themselves among the visionaries of the Descendants of Dream and the Foreseen.

Don’t forget each of these races will be presented with feats, alternate racial traits and options in the tradition of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Race Guide.

Visit the Coinspinner Preview here:–Coinspinner-Preview!

Visit the Orchard District Here:–Orchard-District-Preview


*=Advanced Race Guide is a copyright of Kobold Press and is used by permission. **=Oathbound: Seven is a a copyright of Epidemic Book and is used by permission.

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A Sky Full of Stars (City of Seven Seraphs – Shadow Lock: Infinity – Classes)

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mirrorkin preview small

Mirrorkin echo iconic – Artist: Vincent Coviello

“What am I? I am the reflection that completes your story…. The confrontation that weighs your heart before the Elder Things you adore. I am your opposite and equal reaction.”

-Ayoya, mirrorkin echo facing a cultist of the Yellow King.

City of Seven Seraphs – Shadow Lock: Infinity – Classes Reveal

ShadowBanner - Expanded Classes.png

While the Kickstarter Campaign has been running our game of puzzles and riddles were a fun way to entertain backers and show them a taste of our enigma. But at the end of our campaign it is time to draw back the curtain and show you the full value of the project!

Christen has been working around the clock to increase the value of the project to backers and we can happily confirm an expanded page count that moves total to 400+ pages!! Extra page count means extra player options without impacting over 200 pages of City details and planar adventure tools.

In the increased pagecounts the Classes Section expands to its full vision of :

  • Nexus – A living conduit between multiple planes, the nexus powers veils of drawn from the eternal essences that form outsider type creatures. Tables all over the world have been wielding the might of planar detonations and weapon veils in exclusive backer playtests already. Back at the $21 “Descendant of Dreams” level to gain instant access.
  • Shadewalker/Eclipse – A master of the powers of shadow and night, this class will hold the power of the Dark to vex the foes of the City. Wield umbral energies shaped into unique veils of debilitating power.
  • Radiant – A support and healing class empowered by the Light of Radia (or other fonts of planar life energies) to enhance allies and wield powerful veils of purification and natural fury. Seed life into plants to create a companion of the forest to fight your foes!
  • Aethernaut – Aethernauts are warriors that glimpse the future and unleash unpredictable primordial forces from planar essence or from carried magic items. They rip reality with their weapons, harness planar phenomena, and navigate ley lines. All aethernauts are natural survivors in strange universes, skilled handlers of magic items, and experts on the planes!
  • Echo – A reprise of our very first class, our master of reflection returns with a fully revised and expanded envisioning. New reflections and abilities expand the options of the original to a new infinite variety. Master the abilities of the Mirror Pool and give as good as you get!
  • Theurge – Kobold Press’ mixed Source caster shows our Bookbinders and Steamwalker researchers the secrets of the universe. Expanded options for incorporating Occult Adventures content, Shadow Weaver magic are expanded with new archetypes and feats  enhancing this class’ base design!
  • Aberrant/Aegis – The aberrant aegis from Dreamscarred Press serves as an excellent leaping off point for the guided self-evolutions prominent in the Parities of the City of Seven Seraphs (such as the Chrysalis Covenant and the House of Heights). Traditional psychic armor wearing versions of the class are prominent in the Eternal Dawning and the Foreseen. Follow us further into the class’ potential as we unlock the next stage of our own evolution.

And don’t forget archetypes, feats and options for dozens of other classes including our own Shadow Weaver casting class and Paramour expressions!

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To Infinity! (The Final Shadow Lock is Solved!)

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Just Onyx

“Often we can’t truly know a thing until we stand in the right place to see the whole of it.”

– Professer Asarka, PonPon Acadamié instructor, Day 1 Introduction to Cosmologies

Shadow Lock Seven is solved by Aaryn of South Jordan, UT!

We’ve had our fun, and want to thank everyone for playing our mini-campaign with us! But Catherine, Nichole, Mike, Matt, Jamie, Vannesa and Aaryn have managed to crack all the Shadow Locks and reveal the hidden depths of our project!

The final reveal includes the Shadow Lock Design Team:

You saw in the First Shadow Lock Reveal that Thilo “Endzeitgeist” Graf was added to the City of Seven Seraphs Team, well all good things come in 7’s on this project so here are the rest of the Shadow-Weaver Design Team:

Framed- Brian


Brian Suskind (District Design & Dark Dealings) – Brian will be taking on the Pacts District, home to the Loci of Eternity, the Radia-powered ascension engines of the House of Heights and the Grand Brokerages of the Temple of Coin, where nearly anything can be had for a price!



Framed-Richard Moore.png


Richard Moore (Additional Development & Cat/Christen Herding) – Having already been broken in dealing with Christen’s madness on the Jon Brazer product Nine Lives for Petane, Richard foolishly is coming back for more! He will be polishing our prose and tightening our mechanics where we need it most





Andrew Mullen (Equipment Design & Spidery Shopping Sprees) – Andrew brings fresh eye (and he’ll need a lot of them!) to the task of gearing up our unusual planar races and supporting the Wardens on their missions through the Infinite! He might also help Savannah with Souffle.





Kate Baker (Worlds of the Lattice & Equipment Inspector) – When not helping Andrew fit veryx with filigree armor, Kate will be walking the Lattice and looking for promising worlds to detail in the Worlds of the Lattice section of the book, helping Christen fill out the unique destinations travelers may find along its reaches.


Framed-Erik Frankhouse.png


Erik Frankhouse (Mapping Infinity & Graphics) – Erik took enough time wiping off the blood of the fallen after IronGM this year to sketch out the vision of the Planar Map known to the inhabitants of the City of Seven Seraphs and as the project nears completion his madness may also touch elsewhere.


Chrysalis Covenant.png


Isabelle Lee (Enemies of the City: Kyton Exarchs!) – As with Colin McComb, the dark patron of the Kyton race, we had to bookend those creations with the modern Queen of Choirs, Isabelle Lee! She will be rendering the Kyton Exarchs, among the greatest of all the Foes of the City. Be prepared to tremble in the sounds of Darkest Delight!


Not enough yet?

Check back soon because–Spoiler Alert–We are about to spill the beans on the OTHER classes and races in the City of Seven Seraphs! Remember awesome things come in 7’s right?

Stay tuned!

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Aflight! (City of Seven Seraphs Preview: Coinspinner!)

(Only 6 DAYS LEFT! 81% Funded! Visit the Kickstarter Here!)

City of 7 Seraphs Preview - Coinspinner-1

Sail into adventure’s heart about the Coinspinner! An extraplanar vessel salvaged from the clutches of the Undreamt, this unique ship (designed by George Loki Williams) will take its crew to the far reaches of the Unknown! Are you her next Captain?

Find out here:–Coinspinner-Preview!

Visit the Orchard District Here:–Orchard-District-Preview

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Break Free! (City of Seven Seraphs – Orchard District FREE Preview)

(Only 7 days left!! 79% Funded! Visit Kickstarter here!)

City of 7 Seraphs Preview - The Orchard District-1

Orchard District Preview by David N. Ross & Christen Sowards  – Cover by Oksana Kharitonova

Visit DriveThruRPG or to get a free glimpse at City of Seven Seraphs!

Designer David N. Ross weaves an glorious fey tapestry of wonder under Christen N Sowards’ motes of Radia-induced crazy. David gives us petrified behemoths, shimmering forests and steaming volcanism blended together to give you the first taste of the project’s magnitude  and quality. Free sample archetype, monster and a more hide within!

Get yours today and you might even get to spend some time in a fey pleasure den….

(Download Here!)

Link for Sharing:–Orchard-District-Preview

Lost Spheres is looking for the help of heroes like you to spread the word during our Kickstarter’s final week! Use the links below to help spread the word:




Thank you for your support!

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Cha- Cha- Changes (City of Seven Seraphs: Inspiration 2 – Comic Book Influences)

(Kickstarter at 78%!)

(Free Orchard District Preview here)

Inhumans (Christen’s Recent Influence):

City of Seven Seraphs: Influences (Comic Books)

As we started to talk to our design team it became clear that many of us were moved by many of the same forces when sat down to create. One of the influences that came up in multiple discussions was that of comic books. With the IMAX screening of Inhumans hitting theaters today, it only felt right to acknowledge some of those influences from the team.

The concept of individual change and evolution lies at the heart of the Inhumans comic book series and the City of Seven Seraphs project. Parities like the Chrysalis Covenant (designed by Todd Stewart) or the House of Heights (designed by David N. Ross) focus on journeys of radical self-transformation and ascendancy, while others deal with the consequences of Stagnation. Christen recommends Paul Jenkins & Jae Lee’s Inhumans graphic novel for those who want to grasp the essence of this energy.

Sandman (Influencing: Liz, Scott, Loki, and Christen)

Many, if not quite all of the design team also spoke of Neil Gaiman’s masterful series Sandman. Chronicling the King of Dreams’ stories the series allowed a dizzying array of world-scapes, stories and artistic styles. Magical transitions, conceptual entities and amazing mixed media cover art were just the tip of the iceberg with this wondrous vessel of Neil Gaiman’s words. Definitely worth a look! Look at Season of Mists PB or start at the beginning with Preludes and Nocturnes.

Planetary (Influencing: Clinton and Christen)

This stunning romp through the journeys of a trio of superhuman-archaeologists as they unearth secret history of the universe. A thinly disguised “love letter to comic book culture” the adventures of the Planetary team dive through secret cities and alternate universes. Check out the Omnibus collection here: Planetary Omnibus.

Age of Apocalypse (Influencing: Michael and Christen)

Time Travel. Rewritten history. Telekinetic mutants. Multiple personality mega-psychics. Every character re-envisioned. These are the X-Men’s adventures in the dystopian reality of the Age of Apocalypse. Those same words could describe adventures at Christen’s and Michael’s game tables. This batch of brightly illustrated mutant-loving crazy resonates in the fey battlegrounds and time-lost seers of the City’s war-torn histories. Omnibus edition here.

DC One Million (Scott and Christen)

Grant Morrison’s far future exploration of a possible DC Universe introduced far flung concepts like Superman 1,000,000’s hypnotic rain power or sentient smells attaching themselves to the color orange it was an exploration into the truly bizarre. Check out the DC One Million Omnibus here. Or for slightly less Gonzo adventures look at Morrison’s Crisis Times Five or JLA: Earth 2.

Generation X (Robert and Christen)

Robert decribed this as the “C-list” of marvel mutants under the tutelage of Banshee (Sean Cassidy) and Emma Frost (former super-villain White Queen). This series relied heavily on the artistic stylings of Chris Bachalo and writer Scott Lobdell to create a legacy story that while honoring the past of the X-Men was still decidely unique. Ties to the Progression theme of City of Seven Seraphs can be seen from the series beginning until the points were several of the team members move into the adult X-Men’s ranks.

City of Seven Seraphs Comic Book Inspirations in Your Games

You might notice that Christen’s name is by every single comic entry above. Comics have served to influence him creatively for nearly his whole life. Sci-Fantasy genres like Starfinder and Aethera draw on fantasy roots to produce exciting new realities for a technologically advanced future, but few fantasy games let the tides of the future influence them in the past as strong as they influence this project.

Curated mystical lineages. Clones and doppelgangers. Magical training academies. Radical self-evolutions. Magical dimension-warping star-vessels. All of these comic-book driven ideas permeate the DNA of the City of Seven Seraphs project yet in ways meant to remain firmly in the fantasical world of planar adventure. The idea of heroism sometimes is the idea of transcending limits and entering a new state of parahuman existence.

Lost Spheres is looking for the help of heroes like you to spread the word during our Kickstarter’s final week! Use the links below to help spread the word:




Thank you for your support!

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