Two by Two (City of Seven Seraphs Themes: Duality)

Steamwalker Gnome in Air Bubble

“Gods? Angels? Bah! They are just the totemic-metaforms of a cruxing-statigenic amplifier of massive size! The concept itself is relatively rudimentary involving ether-oscillations between variable pairings within the Seraphic-matrix. Each focal-bond achieves a kind of “zenith point” of reinforcement and the collapses from quasi-reality decay before affecting a dissonance with other recent resonance pairings. I mean the actuality of it is of course more complicated than that if one considers Alhimaht’s constant of mnemonic overlay for instance, which states….”

– Viondi Bronzegird, Head of Oppositional Etherics for the Steamwalkers Parity

Artist: Liz Courts

Like the heart of any good story the City of Seven Seraphs is full of major themes. Central to the City is the theme of Duality.

The City rests in the Shadow Plane at the conjunction of a massive Ethereal Vortex, caught between Light and Darkness, and showered by radiant demi-planar energies and proto-matter of the Ethereal Plane. While these pairing forces provide some of the ambient feel and supernatural realities in the City, they are hardly alone. Duality ipresent in nearly every aspect.

From the Parities’ divisions into those of Light and Dark, to more embedded internal oppositions within them, the Dualities of the City are what drive it. Steamwalkers strive to master the generative conflict of Water and Fire. Descendants of Dream speculate the difference  between Illusion and Reality. Meanwhile, Ashborn druids set fires to Destroy and clear the way for new Growth. Within and without the City of Seven Seraphs dances Duality walking the line of balance and collapse.

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