Forever (City of Seven Seraphs Themes: Eternity)

Icegrave Enclave Keeper - Final

Icegrave Enclave Lich – (Artist: V. Coviello)

“Let not the wings fool you. The Seraphs? They are tombstones. Grave markers for all Creation. Eternal. Divinity. It matters not. They are illusions. Only Ice preserves. Only Undeath persists. Let the Seraphs mark your grave as well and join us in the true endlessness…”

Duxandus the Forever Frozen, Icegrave Enclave

Artist: Liz Courts

Like the heart of any good story the City of Seven Seraphs is full of central themes. Among the greatest of them are the meaning of Eternity and the nature of Immortality.

Each Parity in the City has its own viewpoints on the nature of the Eternal. And within them there are even more perspectives on the complexities of Forever. As a result, the Parities enact plans far reaching and meddlesome, study strange cases in individual worlds and even engineer ascension and apotheosis events for those they find aligned with their own views. They research ancient Prime Material histories, rare forms of psychic power and practice skills virtually unknown elsewhere. These machinations and delvings help to fuel a deeper level of mystery to even the most mundane encounters in the City or with its agents.

Additionally, the intrigues around these central themes allow for games that implement optional rule-sets like the PFRPG Mythic Adventures rules, Dreamscarred Press’ Ultimate Psionics, or new content from the Third Party publishers or new core Pathfinder Roleplaying Game releases with relatively controlled exposure. This helps create an environment that the GM can utilize to experiment with exotic content or inject massive amounts of campaign change within the setting’s story frame. As a source of external change or a setting for game-changing evolution, the City of Seven Seraphs will serve your game in ways that are well… endless.

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