Between (What the Heck is a Campaign Capstone?)

Artist: Vincent Coviello

Sanguine Sovereignty – Priest of the Faith Devoured (Art: V. Coviello)

“The Seraphs? They are symbology and stone. Sorcery and safety. They are the reclamation of the counterfeit press of the Divinities. These ‘gods’ would lead their flocks endless on for a trickle of power. Our ‘angels’ wear their cold indifference openly. They represent a promise of security. The last promise we made the Church of Parity before we consumed them…”

– Avanto, Vocate of the Faith Devoured, Low-Crown of the Sanguine Sovereignty

Artist: Liz Courts

Almost always the first question we’ve been asked about the City of Seven Seraphs is: What exactly do you mean “Campaign Capstone?”

It is a good question. Let’s start with a definition:

“capstone: noun, a stone fixed on top of something”

As a “Campaign Capstone” the City is NOT meant to be an exclusive setting for Pathfinder. While it can certainly be ran by a GM in a contained manner as though a singular campaign setting, it is also designed with an eye to be useful in connecting your existing campaigns to one another and to a larger world of planar adventure. Effectively, the City and its lore will simply lay on top of the games you already run.

Additionally, a lot of people have lovingly taken the time and effort to convert the planar cosmologies and settings of Pathfinder’s ancestral systems and update them for their current campaigns. That takes a lot of work and many of our design team have already done the same thing. The City of Seven Seraphs is therefore being developed with an eye toward augmenting existing cosmologies as opposed to invalidating prior lore.

So just what new perspectives and lore elements are we bringing to the table?

Keep watching daily for more clues to the City’s mysteries as we near launch!

Or for the impatient, you can scour our backlist for hints on RPGNow, and  the Open Gaming Store.


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