A Sky Full of Stars (City of Seven Seraphs – Shadow Lock: Infinity – Classes)

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mirrorkin preview small

Mirrorkin echo iconic – Artist: Vincent Coviello

“What am I? I am the reflection that completes your story…. The confrontation that weighs your heart before the Elder Things you adore. I am your opposite and equal reaction.”

-Ayoya, mirrorkin echo facing a cultist of the Yellow King.

City of Seven Seraphs – Shadow Lock: Infinity – Classes Reveal

ShadowBanner - Expanded Classes.png

While the Kickstarter Campaign has been running our game of puzzles and riddles were a fun way to entertain backers and show them a taste of our enigma. But at the end of our campaign it is time to draw back the curtain and show you the full value of the project!

Christen has been working around the clock to increase the value of the project to backers and we can happily confirm an expanded page count that moves total to 400+ pages!! Extra page count means extra player options without impacting over 200 pages of City details and planar adventure tools.

In the increased pagecounts the Classes Section expands to its full vision of :

  • Nexus – A living conduit between multiple planes, the nexus powers veils of drawn from the eternal essences that form outsider type creatures. Tables all over the world have been wielding the might of planar detonations and weapon veils in exclusive backer playtests already. Back at the $21 “Descendant of Dreams” level to gain instant access.
  • Shadewalker/Eclipse – A master of the powers of shadow and night, this class will hold the power of the Dark to vex the foes of the City. Wield umbral energies shaped into unique veils of debilitating power.
  • Radiant – A support and healing class empowered by the Light of Radia (or other fonts of planar life energies) to enhance allies and wield powerful veils of purification and natural fury. Seed life into plants to create a companion of the forest to fight your foes!
  • Aethernaut – Aethernauts are warriors that glimpse the future and unleash unpredictable primordial forces from planar essence or from carried magic items. They rip reality with their weapons, harness planar phenomena, and navigate ley lines. All aethernauts are natural survivors in strange universes, skilled handlers of magic items, and experts on the planes!
  • Echo – A reprise of our very first class, our master of reflection returns with a fully revised and expanded envisioning. New reflections and abilities expand the options of the original to a new infinite variety. Master the abilities of the Mirror Pool and give as good as you get!
  • Theurge – Kobold Press’ mixed Source caster shows our Bookbinders and Steamwalker researchers the secrets of the universe. Expanded options for incorporating Occult Adventures content, Shadow Weaver magic are expanded with new archetypes and feats  enhancing this class’ base design!
  • Aberrant/Aegis – The aberrant aegis from Dreamscarred Press serves as an excellent leaping off point for the guided self-evolutions prominent in the Parities of the City of Seven Seraphs (such as the Chrysalis Covenant and the House of Heights). Traditional psychic armor wearing versions of the class are prominent in the Eternal Dawning and the Foreseen. Follow us further into the class’ potential as we unlock the next stage of our own evolution.

And don’t forget archetypes, feats and options for dozens of other classes including our own Shadow Weaver casting class and Paramour expressions!

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