Face the Future (City of Seven Seraphs – Shadow Lock: Infinity – PC Races)

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Rhyzala androgyn small

Rhyzala sporeborn racial iconic – Artist: Vincent Coviello

“I enjoy this Now, it is mine and I am its. I would not bloom here were their not need but I know now I shall enjoy discovering what it is.”

– Xejyls, rhyzala mystic.

City of Seven Seraphs – Shadow Lock: Infinity – Races Reveal


ShadowBanner - Expanded Races.png

Tieflings, oreads, and other planetouched fill the streets of the City of Seven Seraphs much like other great metropolises but they aren’t alone. In today’s Infinity Lock reveal we introduce you to the races of the City that are new to people unfamiliar with its populace.

In the increased pagecounts the PC Races Section expands to its full vision of :

  • Rhyzala – Thilo “Endzeitgeist” Graf gives us these spore-born wonders. Each rhyzlala are individualized blooms of the Grand Rhizome, a massive cross-temporal organism. Rhyzala differentiate to to increase their successes interacting with the cultures and time periods they encounter.
  • Judow – N. Jolly’s race born of inevitable and kyton influences upon the ancient Judges of the pre-Wonder War era. Enemies must face the powers of their nocturne gaze or lose clarity in the face of Shadow judgement.
  • Veryx – Often thought of as the Archweaver’s own brood, these spiders have a long history in the City of Seven Seraphs. Their species’ ancestral links to the chelicerae share a less parasitic relationship with spellcasters, allowing for various symbiotic bonds to develop between them and partner magic-using organisms.
  • Xodai – Living prisons created to contain the sundered essences of Great Fiends and Elder Creatures, these beings are reborn from willing volunteers offering themselves up to take on this sacred charge. Able to draw strength from their hellcore prisons they wield the powers of their prisoners against those yet to be contained.
  • Mirrorkin – Renegade Sarrosians’ these strange creatures shift in essence to become expressions of those they travel with. Mirroring similar abilities and traits or allies or reflective opposites, they are prone to shifting identities and chimeric abilities. Those wishing to remain as they are strive for lifelong traveling partners and friendships.
  • Shadow Fey – These creatures (originally introduced in the amazing *Advanced Race Compendium from Kobold Press) have a native population in the Glarewood and many have settled the City proper trying to distance themselves from the Mithral Throne and Prince Maelwyn’s intrigues.
  • Ceptu – A race of telekinetic creatures resembling jellyfish of the Prime Worlds, this race originally appeared in Oathbound: Seven for Pathfinder. Their psychics were drawn to the Radia in the City’s earliest days and they have been instrumental in the days since the Resolution. Many find themselves among the visionaries of the Descendants of Dream and the Foreseen.

Don’t forget each of these races will be presented with feats, alternate racial traits and options in the tradition of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Race Guide.

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*=Advanced Race Guide is a copyright of Kobold Press and is used by permission. **=Oathbound: Seven is a a copyright of Epidemic Book and is used by permission.

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