To Infinity! (The Final Shadow Lock is Solved!)

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Just Onyx

“Often we can’t truly know a thing until we stand in the right place to see the whole of it.”

– Professer Asarka, PonPon Acadamié instructor, Day 1 Introduction to Cosmologies

Shadow Lock Seven is solved by Aaryn of South Jordan, UT!

We’ve had our fun, and want to thank everyone for playing our mini-campaign with us! But Catherine, Nichole, Mike, Matt, Jamie, Vannesa and Aaryn have managed to crack all the Shadow Locks and reveal the hidden depths of our project!

The final reveal includes the Shadow Lock Design Team:

You saw in the First Shadow Lock Reveal that Thilo “Endzeitgeist” Graf was added to the City of Seven Seraphs Team, well all good things come in 7’s on this project so here are the rest of the Shadow-Weaver Design Team:

Framed- Brian


Brian Suskind (District Design & Dark Dealings) – Brian will be taking on the Pacts District, home to the Loci of Eternity, the Radia-powered ascension engines of the House of Heights and the Grand Brokerages of the Temple of Coin, where nearly anything can be had for a price!



Framed-Richard Moore.png


Richard Moore (Additional Development & Cat/Christen Herding) – Having already been broken in dealing with Christen’s madness on the Jon Brazer product Nine Lives for Petane, Richard foolishly is coming back for more! He will be polishing our prose and tightening our mechanics where we need it most





Andrew Mullen (Equipment Design & Spidery Shopping Sprees) – Andrew brings fresh eye (and he’ll need a lot of them!) to the task of gearing up our unusual planar races and supporting the Wardens on their missions through the Infinite! He might also help Savannah with Souffle.





Kate Baker (Worlds of the Lattice & Equipment Inspector) – When not helping Andrew fit veryx with filigree armor, Kate will be walking the Lattice and looking for promising worlds to detail in the Worlds of the Lattice section of the book, helping Christen fill out the unique destinations travelers may find along its reaches.


Framed-Erik Frankhouse.png


Erik Frankhouse (Mapping Infinity & Graphics) – Erik took enough time wiping off the blood of the fallen after IronGM this year to sketch out the vision of the Planar Map known to the inhabitants of the City of Seven Seraphs and as the project nears completion his madness may also touch elsewhere.


Chrysalis Covenant.png


Isabelle Lee (Enemies of the City: Kyton Exarchs!) – As with Colin McComb, the dark patron of the Kyton race, we had to bookend those creations with the modern Queen of Choirs, Isabelle Lee! She will be rendering the Kyton Exarchs, among the greatest of all the Foes of the City. Be prepared to tremble in the sounds of Darkest Delight!


Not enough yet?

Check back soon because–Spoiler Alert–We are about to spill the beans on the OTHER classes and races in the City of Seven Seraphs! Remember awesome things come in 7’s right?

Stay tuned!

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