Take a Number (City of Seven Seraphs: Numerology)

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Concept for judow mage – Artist: Vincent Coviello

Numerology in the City of Seven Seraphs

A very brief look at the single digit numbers as seen by someone classically educated in City of Seven Seraphs:

One – Source. The Origin of energy, creation or being. A Cosmic beginning and heavily debated on planar attribution. The Eternal Font. Some attribute this to the Positive Energy Plane, others say that both Positive and Negative are but aspects of this singularity. Some Eternals claim it is the Source of Divinity.

Two – Duality. The concept of two forces acting together to create, bind or balance. The First Sacred Number of the long dead Church of Parity. This number is held in esteem by the romantic but as often derided as potentially stagnant and devoid of true progression. Some adhere that it is the last or only number of trust.

Three – Power. The Trinity of alternating synergy seen as the height of expressed power. Triads form the ruling bodies of most Parities for this reason. The Courts rely on three judges of three Parities because of this reason. Many Eternals claim that three is the Number of Victory.

Four – Balance. Representing the crossed dualities and the most basic of systemic reality, four is the Elements and the Ethos. For is the Seasons and the Ages. It is also considered the number of Fairness and the Courts have four levels as such: Communal, Civic, District and Council.

Five – (Contended) Entropy or Faith. This number is seen in a negative light by most in the City. The digits of the grasping hand of the Gods. The need for valor and compassion for a life other than the one lived. The Eternal see it as an incomplete Union and a sign that progress will come only through opposition as the thumb opposes the finger. They herald it as a sign of Entropy and indicate it as the first threat to balance. It is unsurprising that most non-Eternal faiths find adherents only in the non-humanoid races of the City. Adherents of the Divinities claim the number is faith and the division
between mortal and God.

Six – Union. The drawing together of Many in One, this is the highest ideal of the Eternal. It allows action between opposites and joins enemies as unstoppable alliances. The number of the Seraphs wings is chosen for this force so claimed the lost Faith of Parity, so too claims the Faith Devoured. The Warden for Circles (their patrol structure) in groups of Six, each one selected from a different parity.

Seven – Infinity. The highest expression of singular force, the number of expansion from nothing to forever. This aspect is why Hyraeatan has Seven Seraphs, each to take in the infinite before it. The City is meant to be Eternal and exceed the limits of the singular.

Eight – Order. The system of synergized balances. It represents an ideal that the City tries to emulate. The Districts and the Seraph’s Ring for the Eight of the City and represent its Order. Eight is the the number of the Lattice and represents the number of Shadow Roads that lead to the city and depicted on
the eight legs of the Weaver.

Nine – Ascension. The number of omnipotence or zenith. Generally seen as transitory is often ascribed as the Goal of the Eternal. Power times Power it is the doorway into the next state. The experience of this state Nine times is express goal of many ascendant traditions and is highly popular in the House of Heights.

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