Reflections (City of Seven Seraphs: Echo)


ShadowBanner - Echo

With everyone using the “Book of Faces” and participation at live events here at Gen Con, Mike gained the necessary power to catalyze his powers. A temporal cascade of shadow magic allowed Mike to resonate with the distant past of the City of Seven Seraphs and reflect the power of its oldest tradition…

For Solving Shadow Lock Three Mike has earned the backers a reflected version of the oldest Lost Spheres Publishing class: Echo. The Masters of Mirror this class uses its abilities to give as given with customizable class features allowing it a diverse pool mimicry from the class feature called Reflections. Revised and new class features update this once modest class to level of awesome it deserves.

3 base classes… 2 new races…. and behind Shadow Lock Four? Keep an eye out for it to surface!

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