Follow You Into the Dark (The Second Shadow Lock has Opened!)

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Pencils down everyone! The second Shadow Lock has been discovered and solved! And it really couldn’t have been planned any cooler than this… People keeping up with the story know that a few days ago a young girl discovered the first Shadow Lock that barred the way to the City of Seven Seraphs.

The girl, Catherine came from her home the land of Murray, to walk a dark path on the way to her home. And there on the walls she sensed it, a message from another place. It made her aware of the Shadow Locks sealing the Paths of the Lattice and secret City they hid. She followed the messages instructions and followed her them into the Dark…

She was not alone.

Something had stirred sensing the shattering of its ancient locks. Long had it barred the way of the First Circle. And it was it sent something for Catherine…

…But someone else heard the whispers of the Ruby Revelation warning of danger to Catherine. She followed the Revelation’s whispers until she found the Riddle of the second Shadow Lock to discover the Book of Faces and invoke the power of the Name. The Archweaver heard her and Nichole was cast through Shadow into the Locus of Breaking. Nichole emerged from the locus transformed… bearing the power to save Catherine…

Bearing the power to save her Daughter.

Judow Shadewalker - CR.png ShadowBanner - Shadewalker

Thanks to Nichole of Murray, Utah the City of Seven Seraphs book has gained a second new base class: The Shadewalker. A new master of the spaces in between, the shadewalker joins our the nexus AND is an increase to the base page count at NO ADDITIONAL cost to backers.

Congrats to all of us! Michael Sayre has engaged class design and Vincent Coviello has begun to render our first shadewalker iconic (who is also a sneak peak at N Jolly’s judow but that is a story for another time.

See you at Gen Con!

And keep an eye out for Shadow Lock three!

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