Puzzle Pieces (City of Seven Seraphs: Ron Lundeen)


Sapphire Seraphim – Artist: Vincent Coviello

“The Seraphs? Yes, yes everyone talks about the wings, their mysterious masks. The abstracts of the divine they do or don’t represent. All very pretty… but so many people miss the hands. The hands rest downward on the Towers. See that? Never been a hand coming down that wasn’t about one thing—Control. It’s what they represent. That’s what they are. ‘Wings touch in a unifying ring…’ Hah! That’s no ring friend. It’s a collar.”

-Benastrin, Iron District Work Camp Captain of the Blackblades 

Artist: Liz Courts
When we sought out designers and developers for the City of Seven Seraphs we looked for creators who had a passion for the subject matter they were working on. Listen to City of Seven Seraphs team member Ron Lundeen as he explains why he chose the Hands of Onus and Blackblades as his Paritiies and why he took ownership of the Iron District in this video short from Facebook Live:

More tomorrow on the secrets of the City of Seven Seraphs!

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