Future Shock (City of Seven Seraphs: The Foreseen & Docks Inspiration)

Master of the Docks

Master of the Docks – Artist: Vincent Coviello

“The Seraphs are Prophecy fulfilled. We saw them before they were. We see them as they are being built. They are proof that the winds of time are open to us. The river of ages need not be dark but rather lit like glowglass or the starry sky—full of glimmering certainties. And grand things like the Seraphs shine through days lived and unknown. You I am not so certain of…”

-the Master of the Docks, Foreseen Parity

City of Seven Seraphs: Port City for Port City

The City of Seven Seraphs is being drawn from the passions and backgrounds of its talented creative team. They were encouraged to select assignments that held the most resonance and interest personally. You might have seen Ron Lundeen’s recent explanation as to his interest in the civic-minded Hands of Onus. Today see team member George “Loki” Williams share the inspiration of New Orleans infusing his work on the Docks District of our own planar port city:

Clever. Another one of you shows up to try to stop me. But know this, I am no feeble thing of flesh! Even now I have woven a trap around the ways you have come to find me. And should you escape me, the Taking Fiend that hungered so for Catherine’s flesh now will dine on yours!

Watch Loki Here.

A quiet voice seems to emanate from a strange book on the floor, the Book of Faces… “Focus on the Power of Duality’s Balance and cast your mind to mine. You will be free, and only need battle the Taking Fiend to escape with your life and find those you wish to aid.”

Loki also will be handling the precognitive Foreseen Parity in the City. These psychic seers stare into the wells of the infinite and stand in in the temporal winds (the result of which can seen mutating today’s Master of the Docks art preview) and in doing so glimpse insight into the future. In the spirit of the Foreseen we will reveal that multi-platform Pathfinder gamers (analog and digital) might really want to back us in the first week…

Comeback tomorrow for a final look before launch!

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