Change is Gonna Come (City of Seven Seraphs Theme: Progression)

Chrysalis Convenant Metamorphosis.jpg

“The Seraphs are a sheath, protective and vital. See the wings there, touching one to the next in a great ring? They describe the circumference of something miraculous, the shell of a great cosmic egg protecting this sacred space of Change. The statues form a grand Cocoon allowing for our continued Metamorphosis.  They are the shield that grants us leave to move beyond our first definitions to become what we truly are.”

-Sequara Elivi, Aquan Metamorphic Paragon of the Chrysalis Covenant

Artist: Liz Courts

City of Seven Seraphs Themes: Progression

In the City of Seven Seraphs, everyone is in the throes of their own journey. Young wizarding women and magical boys strive at lessons in the Freeschools and Academies Sorcerous of the Colleges District. Parity agents complete operations, exercises, and patrols as they climb through the command structure of the Wardens. And ambitious souls earn the respect of peers, enhance local reputations, and compete for the reigns of the Parities themselves. Everyone is on their way to becoming something greater.

And some of the Parities take this passion for personal evolution a level further. The Chrysalis Covenant delves the mysteries of guided Metamorphosis, exploring methods to allow radical physical transformation and psychic ascendancy. Alternatively, the House of Heights tracks an ancient mystery in the paths of the Eternal and the secrets of endless life. Still others seek to enter death itself, becoming vessels of ceaseless Hunger as vampiric scions of the Sanguine Sovereignty or the distraction free icy clarity of the Icegrave Enclaves’ undead minds.

The Progression Theme in Your Game

Of all the themes in City of Seven Seraphs, the progression theme is being designed with the greatest mechanical support. From alternate rewards to encourage players in slow experience track games to foes able to challenge the most powerful of end-game characters, the City is designed to take on campaigns from 1st level to as far as a GM dares to run.

Support of Pathfinder’s expanded rule-sets (including but not limited to Pathfinder Roleplaying Occult Adventures’ psychic skills and duels, Ultimate Campaign’s reputation system, Ulitmate Intrigue’s social combats, and Ultimate Combat’s vehicle rules) grants options for GMs who want to engage the total vibrancy that the system offers. Third party content like the Ultimate Psionics and veilweaving systems from Dreamscarred Press also have native support. With all of that diversity, our team is also working with the mission no single one element is required to enjoy the City.

And speaking of expanded rule-sets, fans of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Mythic Adventures, Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres, and Legendary Games’ Mythic Heroes Handbook won’t be left out. With new mythic ascendancy events, path abilities and feats the City promises not to leave your ascendant characters in the Dark. And they will need all they help they can find to face the City’s greatest enemies like the Kyton Overlords, the fallen Lightbringer Parity, or the shattered psychic plague of the Likeness. Not to mention their own rivals within the Parities…

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