Herald the City! (Announcing the City of Seven Seraphs Kickstarter!)

Artist: Vincent Coviello

Amethyst Angel of the Eternal Dawning

“We had fled. Our world poisoned and its magic failing. Our gods lost to us. We had fled into the Dark. Our ancestors had known the Lattice and we traveled its lengths. We sought for days without number finding others who were Lost. But when we saw it, a storm of color and light above a City of Wings, we knew we had found home…”
– Isotri, Amethyst Exarch of the Eternal Dawning


In two weeks, join Lost Spheres Publishing as we welcome the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game home… to the Planes.

Artist: Liz Courts

Join us on our upcoming Kickstarter and come home to a new planar metropolis, the City of Seven Seraphs. A fully realized Campaign Captsone presented in a 300+ page, full-color Hardcover limited edition. Developed by a talented team of more than a dozen of Pathfinder’s best designers, hottest new talent and pillars of planar gaming in the current rule-set and ancestral editions of the world’s oldest fantasy roleplaying game, the City of Seven Seraphs promises to open the doorway to new adventure!

Check back daily for updates until our launch!

Can’t wait? Check out our backlist:  RPGNow, DriveThruRPGPaizo.com and  the Open Gaming Store.


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