New Level (Pathfinder Hits 10 Years!)

Ahnula and Renyx

We’re looking forward to something new.

And as excited as we are for Starfinder, it isn’t that.

With the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game reaching ten years we are excited for one thing: More Pathfinder. You see, at the milestone of ten years, Pathfinder is about to cross a generational line. Its ancestral system recently began to change editions every few years around 2000. Pathfinder hasn’t. Some might see that as a negative. You will hear people talk about bloat and complexity. Some might see ten years as negative, but we don’t.

All the editions of the ancestral system have churned through revisions and various developmental phases over their lives. But only the 2nd Edition ever hit the ten year mark. And it didn’t pass it by much. So Pathfinder is  about to do something new. Within the next year…

Pathfinder will soon become the longest persistently developed edition of any RPG system.

But isn’t that just a nice way of saying it is getting old? Maybe. But so is music. So is art. So is language. And that is how we see RPG systems. They aren’t the stories we tell or the adventures we create. They are the language we use to do so. Everything beyond a core rulebook is optional, but to have access to all the options you can use is to have an educated and well-rounded vocabulary.

So as we all enjoy the newness of cave painting silver space birds and dreaming of star-men, we will also stand with along side the shamans of the oldest language and with it we plan to render the sky ablaze with a thousand, thousand colors.

We looking forward to the future of Pathfinder with all of you.

If you want to see our first steps into that future, feel free to check out Classes of the Lost Spheres: Shadow Weaver and other products on RPGNow, and  the Open Gaming Store.

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1 Response to New Level (Pathfinder Hits 10 Years!)

  1. Adam Boucher says:

    Wow! Talk about an all star team! I recognize quite a few of these names from another recent kickstarter. Keep up the good work!

    I am pretty hyped up to see Akasha making a return.

    Liked by 1 person

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