No More Middlemen (Enemies of the City of 7 Seraphs: The Runeweaver Syndicate)

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Male Veryx Preview.png

Male veryx arcanist – Artist: Vincent Coviello

“My bunk-mate is a talking spider. Of course my bunk-mate is a talking spider… because… because this place. You know I never thought I’d say it, but I am really starting to miss goblins.”

-a Prime-World born Warden on meeting his new veryx Circle member.

Enemies of the City of Seven Seraphs: The Runeweaver Syndicate

In the early days of the City of Seven Seraphs, then only called Hyraeatan by its native fade, there were many who came to investigate the near limitless magic of Radia, the Etherstorm. The bold researchers and adventurous souls that explored the area immediate to the phenomena would someday become the founding members of what are now called the Parities.

The Parities were not alone.

A more cautious group also existed, led by aranea and based on the Grand Plateau (oft called Leng). They called themselves the Runeweavers. These weaver mystics sought to shape a magical network around the Radia to safely channel and control it. Some scholars claim that this process also harnessed the Lattice itself. Others state it was by this process the first Portal Plazas were built. Regardless, they seemed to gain an upper hand and the Church of Parity called those beneath the Radia to them. A crusade was formed.

The Crusade of Balance began.

Most of what transpired then is lost. Surely, this conflict led to the Resolution and was the pre-amble to the Wonder Wars and thus the creation of the judow. As the Parities formed, the Runeweaver Syndicate came into open conflict with them. The Radia dimmed as power was drawn into a network of their sinister design. The Parities’ forces were dispatched across creation to find and destroy the Nests of the Web of Runes. It did not go well.

The Crusaders were failing.

It was not until the boy went to Leng, and at the Runed Pit sang his song. The Archweaver was thought to be of and among the aranea but none can say for certain. The boy, who would soon found the Descendants of Dream sang with purest intention. He sang of Wonder and Union. He sang of Loss and Memory. He sang of Swords and a Future unknown.

The Archweaver was moved.

Sliding from his webs within the Runed Pit, he tried to sing the boy’s song. The Archweaver had not the mouth of Man but something strange and the song while potent was a second tapestry of noise. They sang together, the Dreaming Boy and the Archweaver. A song of Wonder and Dark Delights. The favored children of the Archweaver listened and heard, a Harmony of Dark and Light.

The veryx followed.

From across the Lattice they came, mages and warriors the Runeweavers had shaped. As they went they unmade the Web and the Radia was no longer slaved. Light once more balanced the Dark. The Archweaver entered the Temple of Balance and was never seen again. The veryx remained to help shape the City and to sing the songs of Light and Dark.

The Seraphs rose.

And the Runeweaver Syndicate gathered around the Archweaver’s empty Throne of Web and began plotting their revenge…

* * * * *

A new villain group reveal, and also…

ShadowBanner - Veryx

Matt in North Salt Lake, UT solved the Fourth Shadow Lock Riddle!

As players in our earliest memories, some of us still were fascinated by the creatures on the other side of the screen. We wanted to play monsters. Tolkien’s Shelob and Ungoliant. The shattered lands Dark Spiders. Rowling’s Aragog. These creatures moved us. And the near miss of driders and drow… well… it’s time. Introducing the Archweaver’s favored children: the veryx. A PC race of spiders that has a central place in the lore and history of the City of Seven Seraphs! With Endzeitgeist’s secret race from the First Shadow Lock (it’s very cool, we promise)  and the N. Jolly’s judow that makes three new PC races revealed available in the City of Seven Seraphs book. Have we mentioned how much we like the number 7?

Keep your eyes peeled for Shadow Lock 5!

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