Time to Reflect (Enemies of the City of 7 Seraphs: The Sarrosians)

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Art Patron Example.png

Chrysalis Covenant/Art Patron Level Example – “Three Against the Likeness” – Artist: Zefanya Maega

“Some say that Sarros is a magical map gone wrong… other tales say it’s what lies on the other side of an Opposing Mirror… either way if you see yourself outside a mirror’s reflection…. RUN!”

-Warden 2nd Circle Commander Avaira Mies to a new 1st Circle Warden patrol.

Enemies of the City of Seven Seraphs: The Sarrosians

Long ago, a man named Sarros was commissioned by his king to make the most glorious map of the land. A cartographer of surpassing skill, he began to set to his task, traveling his world and seeking the secrets of other map-makers from its distant corners. In one such remote place, he found a woman whose skills exceeded his own and, so the story goes, had mastered the art of laying spells into her vellum and paint.

Her maps were magical.

These maps shifted as the traveler moved, maintaining their relevance regardless of footing or distanced journeyed. Sarros apprenticed himself to her immediately. Together they refined the magic of maps to a undreamed of level. Maps that rose into a third dimension. Maps that showed the feelings of the people that lived in that lands depicted. Maps that showed secrets. The man grew obsessed. His king was forgotten.

A map of secrets showed him a certain Well.

A Well that traded deep truth for vision. Secrets of all things could be had for the price of a single sacrifice–an eye. It is unclear who they came from but Sarros’ passion was such that he offered up not one, not two, but FIVE eyes to Well-in-Shadow. These offerings rumored to be from his teacher, whom he had wed, and their daughter certainly included one of his own. Some say the king’s men had killed them. Some say it was Sarros himself.

He gained sight beyond seeing.

And with his five-eye offering, he drew. He painted. He put to ink a new map. Its angles were the angles behind mirrors. Its colors where the shadows of rainbows. Its boundaries the borders of the Infinite Storm. Sarros drew and painted in ways forgotten. Lines were made that were forbidden.

The map he painted was a map of everything.

In his ambition, Sarros made a map that attempted to capture the Likeness of all reality. His magic, while powerful, found a task beyond him. One stroke away from his completion, his lifeforce shattered. Drawn into the map and doomed. And the broken map of infinity, unbounded by a single fractured line became something else.

A twisted Mirror Realm was born.

Reflections of worlds haphazardly translated into a expanding realm of fractured vistas. Men and women touched by the maps’ magic duplicate, sometimes replaced or simply echoed into the Realm of Sarros Mapmaker. And at times the maps magic passed leaving nothing of the original behind rather taking it into the broken realm of the Mirror Map. Swathes of featureless nothing left in its wake.

The Eyes came home.

The Maps creation held a certain memory, and the Sacrificed felt rage at what had become of their offering. Dopplegangers and echomen sought out the Well-in-Shadow and retrieved the Eyes, five in all each stained red with the blood of sacrifice and grown mighty of the secrets of Mimir.

The Five stare endlessly at a creation beneath them.

The Eyes of Sarros watch now, the worlds beyond the Mirror Map. They send their echopeople to spy and make ready the Day of Last Reflection when the worlds outside Sarros can be destroyed and the fullness of the Map complete, the only truth remaining…

* * * * *

People who have enjoyed doppelgangers, clones, and mirrors of opposition might want to pick up the City of Seven Seraphs to see our new enemy group, the Sarrosians. Born from a magical map’s infinite corruption, these masters of reflected power seek to become the truth by destroying the worlds of Origin. Ruled by the Eyes of Five, aberrant eyes twisted by the maps creation, the Sarrosians will have your heroes questioning their own faces looking back from the mirror…

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