Angels of a Better Nature (City of Seven Seraphs Launch Team)

Teaser Topaz

Topaz Triad “Angel” – Artist: Vincent Coviello

“The Seraphs? No, not angels… some arcano..  reso… something. But Angels. We DO have them. Angels, muses, and fiends. They are those creative souls bright enough to flare Dream and weave Reality in face of overwhelming darkness at the worst of times. Artists with burning eyes glittering as they work under glowglass and… poets with searing pens trying to capture the beauty of the Etherstorm in rains for a dozen worlds… architects shifting rivers and shaping stone with unreal rock that might fade tomorrow… singers with wings of song to stir those Seraph’s themselves…  Angels? The City of Seven Seraphs is full of them.  And Heaven has nothing on us…”

Ul’Yelia, Inspirator of the Descendants of Dream

Artist: Liz Courts

Enough holding out… Here are the real angels, muses and… well fiends… on development and creative team behind the City of Seven Seraphs!

Banner - Designer Team

Clinton Boomer Label A


Clinton J. Boomer (Madman & Parity Development): “Clinton is a novelist and Ennie-award-winning game-designer who began writing professionally after placing in the Top 4 of Paizo Publishing’s inaugural RPG Superstar competition in 2008. He has worked on a number of books in the last decade, beginning with the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting.” Patreon link.

Savannah Broadway A Label


Savannah Broadway (Parity Development):Savannah Broadway is a former Paizo intern who survived the predations of the warehouse raptors. Since then she has lent her talents as writer and editor to Paizo, as well as several third-party publishers, including Rite Publishing, Kobold Press, and 0one Games. She can often be found writing the fey, the undead, and the infernal.” RPGGeek Designer Profile

Robert Brookes Label A


Robert Brookes (Location, District & General Development) – “Robert Brookes is a director, game designer, publisher, and writer living in New Hampshire. Robert is a long-time collaborator with Paizo Publishing on the Pathfinder RPG and has published the space-fantasy Aethera Campaign Setting under his Encounter Table Publishing imprint.”

Liz Courts Label A


Liz Courts (Layout & Design):  “Liz blames her brother for all of this. An avid gamer for almost thirty years, Liz has worked on over 70 different RPG products, helped organize the first unofficial PaizoCon, started and headed the Wayfinder fanzine for its first four issues, went on to work for Paizo after being a member of its community for five years, and is now a mostly organic, free range freelancer. Liz also likes art, baking, coffee, and all things ninja, but not always in that order. She is not a werewolf.” Patreon link.

Robert Emerson Label A


Robert N. Emerson (Editor): “Robert N. Emerson lives in a small hermitage in Southern Oregon heated by the boiling blood of the Earth. Rumors say that he only leaves his warren to protect those predated on by the cruel or to socialize with a small cadre of friendly folk. However, those rumors only touch upon works. When he is not fantasizing about the destruction of abusers and slumlords, Robert works as a freelance game designer and developer. In addition to being a designer and developer, he has worked as an editor-in-chief, a project manager, and proofing.”

Scott Gladstein Label A


Scott Gladstein (Location & Mechanics Design): “After being frozen in ice for 60 years Scott emerged to live in a world he knew nothing about. Now he writes from his heart, a starving artist living off his life’s blood, to make ends meet. He eventually founded a vicious street gang of writers called “Little Red Goblin Games” and they terrorize the industry, beating words up for money. If it’s absurd, out there, challenging, or involves food- he’ll be there, writing the good write.”

Sasha Hall Label A


Sasha Hall (Parity Development): “I am an up-and-coming enthusiast and freelance writer that lives in the suburbs of Chicago. I have worked with Dreamscarred Press, Amora Game, and Jon Brazer Enterprises. I have a love for creating and storytelling, and am glad to be on this project with such amazing people.”

N Jolly Label A


N. Jolly (Racial Design and Planar Mechanics) – “N. Jolly is widely regarded as a hero by most, having been involved in numerous successful kickstarter projects including the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium and Spheres of Might.  Known for his skill with mechanics as well as flavor, he’s a well seasoned writer who brings his own unique flair to this project in order to make sure it turns out ehncredible.” Patreon link.

Ron Lundeen Label A


Ron Lundeen (Parity & Location Design): “Ron lives in Chicago, Illinois, where the weather is exciting, though not always pleasant, and where downtown smells like chocolate. Ron spends his days practicing very down-to-earth law and his evenings exploring a dizzying variety of fantasy worlds. He and his brave wife Stephanie—without whose editorial skills Ron would be positively incoherent—are outnumbered by their five clever but mischievous children. Although his first game design credit came in 1993, Ron’s more recent work has been with Paizo Publishing, Legendary Games, and Wizards of the Coast. Ron has his own small gaming company, Run Amok Games; visit it at”

Jessica Redekop Label A


Jessica Redekop (District Design) – “Jessica Redekop is a Canadian artist, author, and graphic designer. In addition to her contributions toward several upcoming gaming products, Jess is on Patreon creating paper miniatures for fantasy RPGs. She enjoys spending quality time with her two cats, taking long walks in the rain, running Planescape games, and thinking about strange loops.”

David N. Ross Label A


David N. Ross (Parity & District Design) – “David is a freelance designer and developer. His extensive experience writing PFRPG- and D&D-compatible products with Paizo, Raging Swan Press, Petersen Games, Nord Games, Encounter Table Publishing, Legendary Games, and others (75 products and counting) has prepared him to face the city and master its secrets. Christen has dragged David into the Shadow Plane before (Classes of the Lost Spheres: Shadow Weaver).” RPGGeek Designer Profile.

Michael Sayre Label A


Michael Sayre (Nexus Base Class Design) – “Hello! My name is Michael Sayre.  In addition to the above, I’ve also done design work on additional books for Amora Games, Dreamscarred Press, Drop Dead Studios, as well as with companies like Rogue Genius Games. This will be the second major Kickstarter project I’ve contributed to, with my first being the soon to be released Spheres of Might with Drop Dead Studios. I had the honor this year of seeing Akashic Mysteries place number 7 on Enzeitgeist’s Top 10 of 2016, and I’m excited to bring the veilweaving subsystem I first designed in that book to Lost Spheres Publishing along with some updates, new veils, and an amazing new class.” RPGGeek Designer Profile

Todd Stewart Label A


Todd Stewart (Parity Design, Pesh Connoisseur & Planar Guru) – “Todd Stewart has been writing for Pathfinder and D&D since 2007, especially planar content, such as ‘The Great Beyond’ and ‘Book of the Damned 3: Horsemen of the Apocalypse’. Prior to that they wrote a truly ludicrous amount of Planescape fan-fiction, which was their route into the industry in the first place. When not pretending to be an arcanaloth in a fancy dress online, they’ve worked as a cell biologist for the past decade and recently returned to school to pursue their PharmD.” RPGGeek Designer Profile.

George Loki Williams Label A


George “Loki” Williams (Parity, District and Bestiary Design) – “Loki an 8th generation New Orleans native, Loki grew up where the veil was thin and Spanish moss dropped from the trees. A freelance RPG designer since 2012 his first publication was the ENie nominated Dark Roads and Golden Hells for Kobold Press. A regular name on products from Jon Brazer Entertainment and Savage Mojo, he specializes in planar content and the weird s**t. He has been co-manager of theENnie winning since 2004.”

Colin McComb Label A


Colin McComb (Location & Persona Design, Planar Godfather, Kitten Slave) – “Colin McComb has been a professional writer of some sort or another for over a quarter of a century. Starting at TSR (the original publishers of Dungeons & Dragons), he received Origins Awards for his work on Dragon Mountain and the Birthright Campaign Setting. His work on the Planescape line took him to Interplay Productions, where he worked on the CRPGs Planescape: Torment and Fallout 2. He was most recently the creative lead for Torment: Tides of Numenera, and is also working on VR titles for his own company, 3lb Games.”

Christen N Sowards A Label


Christen N. Sowards (Project Creator, Lead Designer, Captain Ahab) – “Christen learned to read from fantasy RPGs. Yes, literally. No one else was foolish enough to try to heal his older brothers in D&D and hasn’t stopped in over 35 years. He has been designing Pathfinder content and driving  men (and women) mad with his art orders for five years. He has GM’d games in dozens of systems (and editions) and has found his passion in Pathfinder. Home games he runs have been planar for over two decades and his is sick of not having a planar metropolis worthy of the Pathfinder system.” This is his company’s webpage but if you want to click a link anyway.

Excited yet? If not I am sure we can find your a spot under the frost of the Icetomb….

Can’t wait? Check out our backlist: and  the Open Gaming Store.

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1 Response to Angels of a Better Nature (City of Seven Seraphs Launch Team)

  1. Adam Boucher says:

    Wow! Talk about an all star team! I recognize quite a few of these names from another recent kickstarter. Keep up the good work!

    I am pretty hyped up to see Akasha making a return.


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