Feel the Love (Shadow Lock Six is Solved: The Radiant is Revealed!)

(ONLY 8 DAYS LEFT! 77% Funded! Kickstarter Here!)

Radiant Iconic Preview

Radiant Iconic – Artist :Vincent Coviello

“The health of the individual is the health of the community. When sickness rests in one, it rests in all.”

Shadow Lock Puzzle Six Has Been Solved!

ShadowBanner - Radiant.png

Thanks to Vannesa from South Jordan, Utah for solving the Sixth Shadow Lock and we are unveiling the Radiant! First trained in the fey-twilight of the Lightbringers’ towers, the secrets of the Radiant have become available to all in the City of Seven Seraphs with the will defend and passion to unite. The radiant class is a powerful support veilweaving class with the unique ability to invest their essence in allies to augment and defend, later reclaiming that essence to cleanse and purify.

The Radiant promises some of the most unique support-play in the Pathfinder RPG environment and backers will receive closed playtest access at the end of the Campaign!

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