12 Days of Shift-Mas – Day 2: Godling

Master-of-Shapes---Final-BlogWe here at Lost Spheres love shapeshifters.  Conceptually, the group of characters that encompases the ability to take on another form is pretty broad particularly including third-party options. With so many choices out there we thought some of you wouldn’t mind a few suggestions for your next morphic champion. Rogue Genius’ godling class is a versatile thing, and relatively simple to convert to a shapeshifter supreme. Over the next couple weeks days we’d like to showcase a few different ‘shifter character concepts from third party companies for those looking for a little change before the new year.  Welcome to the 12 days of Shift-mas!

Shapeshifting: The (Mystic) Godling

So for comparisson’s sake we stack godling vs. druids as our shapeshifting benchmark we want to call out specifically which godling sub-class we will use. While mighty and clever godlings can take the shapeshifter I-IV traits to be a passable shifter, a mystic or adept godling can add spell resources to that that will likely make a superior shifter. So purposes of Shift-Mas mystic godling it is:

Under the Tree – One Shiny Package among many. Like druid, mystic godling shapeshifting is likely to only be a part of your toolbox unless you want to go bigger. Looking at transmuter it is possible to go:

* Spellcasting – Selecting sorcerer/wizard or even the animal domain list allows you to have a shapeshift of nearly every spell slot level.

Reaching into the godling features we add:

*  Divine Traits – divine power I-IV, shapeshift I-IV or even divine portfolio I-IV for shapeshifting oracle mysteries.

*  Domain Powers – dragon sub-domain and other domain powers can add breath weapons and other other creature powers to round out forms.

Battery Life – Music box. How long does our shift last? 1 minute per level for most effects. So, compared to our druid, our mystic godling isn’t likely to have a ton of staying power but with the possibility of multiple shift pools of spells, traits and domains you can stack daily uses like crazy.

Wrapping Fees –  Ka-Ching. Extend Spell is a likely must and godling feats abound to make this shifter more and more awesome. You won’t have enough for everything, you just won’t and that is awesome because you have a concept you can visit again if needed. Awesome and high replay value.

Under the Mistletoe – Gold band. How committed should a mystic godling be to her class progression for shapeshifting? Every level adds duration, uses and new shift options. Never stop. Ever.

Comeback tomorrow for the next Present of Shift-mas! Day 1 – The Bio-Mancer. Don’t forget ANY shapeshifter can benefit in Mythic games from the Master-of-Shapes path from Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres and you can get it on: RPGNow or Paizo or d20.pfsrd.com!

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