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Glowing Endorsements (City of Seven Seraphs: Glowglass and Parity Symbols)

“Heaven? Not remotely. Those garish monstrosities mark nothing more than the greatest waste of resources we have ever been party to. There is a plaque in the Tower of Coin that shows nothing but a single number–the total expense the … Continue reading

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Not About Angels (Hyraeatan in Your Campaign)

“Seven sentinels in Shadow stand,   a tower rising in each hand…” While the City in Shadow presents a planar metropolis swimming with agendas deep and ancient, most campaigns are set in worlds where its existence is a passing scribbled … Continue reading

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…Better Have My Money (Parities of Hyraeatan – Temple of Coin)

Today we are continuing previewing the content of our upcoming release of Hyraeatan, City in Shadow. The demiplanar metropolis is ruled by a Council comprised of fourteen rival factions known as the Parities. The Parities espouse the titular balance of Light and … Continue reading

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