Break Free! (City of Seven Seraphs – Orchard District FREE Preview)

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City of 7 Seraphs Preview - The Orchard District-1

Orchard District Preview by David N. Ross & Christen Sowards  – Cover by Oksana Kharitonova

Visit DriveThruRPG or to get a free glimpse at City of Seven Seraphs!

Designer David N. Ross weaves an glorious fey tapestry of wonder under Christen N Sowards’ motes of Radia-induced crazy. David gives us petrified behemoths, shimmering forests and steaming volcanism blended together to give you the first taste of the project’s magnitude  and quality. Free sample archetype, monster and a more hide within!

Get yours today and you might even get to spend some time in a fey pleasure den….

(Download Here!)

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