Best Intentions (Enemies of the City of 7 Seraphs: Nexalla, She Who Follows)

Xodai Race Preview

Xodai  monk – Artist: Vincent Coviello

“We’ve faced devils, demons, oni and daemons… all in a single day… and you’re telling me the Eternal Dawning brought them here?”

– Warden Styveius Eshta, on hearing of Nexalla’s origins.

Enemies of the City of Seven Seraphs: Nexalla, She Who Follows

The girl was strange.

The Jeweled Lords were uncertain what to make of her, a child of an unknown world. She had fled to them from the Shadow. Walking the Lattice from an age so young she claimed she could not see her parents faces in the eye of her mind. The rulers of Daestari fed her, clothed her, and…

The Daestari taught her.

She voraciously took to the shaping of veils. She devoured the tomes of their most powerful mages. She entered the Order of Unity with a passion that is born only of true acceptance. But never did she cross the threshold of the Grand Temples. The Gods of the Daestari were said to have rose from among their people. They could not be hers.

The girl grew.

She formed a Triad, and then a Circle. She led them against the enemies of the Jeweled Lords. Nexalla invaded the Abyssal Realms. She sealed the Infernal Gates. The power of their Unity grew. Her passion to defeat the forces of the 9 Hells and shatter the Lords Abyssal became a consuming goal. She spent more and more time traveling the Axes and the Lower Planar Trines. She studied her adopted peoples’ enemies.

The Daestari feared her.

The Priests of the Ancestors spoke out against Nexalla’s aggression.  They foresaw repercussions of her actions. She was censured. The woman grew angry. But she held Union sacred in her heart, and knew it was the key to defeating evil. She decided to prove it.

The woman created the Xodai.

Through study Nexalla learned of the psychic apotheosis of the creatures called elan. She postulated that a similar process could be used to created an arcane analog. But using a Circle of Six transfigurations she could cause the rebirth process to happen around a seventh creature. To encapsulate and divide its essence. To make living prisons–the Xodai.

The Daestari rejected the Xodai.

Nexalla and her creations were cast out. The woman had only known the Daestari’s home since she was the girl. The Daestari’s home… and those of their enemies. So she went out into the Trines of Evil and took her children. They found little welcome, so Nexalla set about making a new home. At the place where Nullus touches Abaddon, she rose a city in her despair–she named it Akaton. She knew Union could defeat evil, but perhaps she had approached it wrong.

The woman taught the Fiends.

In her city, she sought to show the Fiends the power of One. In Oneness they would surely turn from evil. Nexalla used bindings, pacts and offerings to win the Fiends loyalty. Those who refused were subjected to the Sundering Transfiguration and created more Xodai. But her designs worked too well, her creations were untouched by that which they imprisoned. The Xodai saw her Fall and chose not to follow.

The Xodai rejected Nexalla.

Fleeing the shadows of Akaton, the Xodai came through the Lattice once more to the Home of the Daestari. They threw themselves on the mercies of the Ancestral Gods. They were accepted by the Spirits. And so the Xodai came home. But Nexalla would not have her Union denied. She led her new Alliance through the Shadow. Devil. Daemon. Oni. Demon. Kyton. And more… she saw her true enemy at last.

The woman warred on the Gods.

She knew the Daestari would only accept her truths if they weren’t bound by the antiquated beliefs of their Gods. The sundered the Grand Temples with her Fallen Alliance and laid a deep corruption there. She shattered the palaces of the Jeweled Lords. She drew open the Will of her fiendish Oneness… And Gifted it to the Daestari’s world, joining its power to the heart of the world’s Magic. Their world was poisoned.

The Daestari fled.

Their Gods’ connections were broken or corrupted. Their world was poisoned and dying. The Jeweled Lords commanded the people to flee into Shadow. They vowed newer to reject the strange again, never to send a soul alone into the dark, to be as Dawn Eternal to any and all who would walk with them. To forever oppose the power of the fiendish Union of Akaton. And the new risen goddess, Nexalla. The goddess saw them flee from her glorious gifts.

And now Nexalla follows…

* * * * *

ShadowBanner - Xodai.png


Xodai Race Preview

Xodai monk – Artist: Vincent Coviello

Nexalla’s creations, the Xodai race are being added to the races section of the book as additional page count thanks to Jamie of Salt Lake City, UT solving the Fifth Shadow Lock! The Xodai’s powers allow them to contain a portion of a great fiend, imprisoning it until all of the transfigured Xodai binding it are destroyed. While sundered the Xodai can safely draw energy from the broken essence of the entrapped fiend. Player character xodai will have access to abilities that connect this energy with their classes via archetypes and feats. Veilweavers (like the Nexus) in particular benefit from this second pool of fragmented essence.

Keep your eyes open for Shadow Lock Six!

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