Only 48 hours for early adoption AND Nexus playtest!

(46% Funded by Day 5! Visit campaign here!)

Nexus - Iconic - Final

Nexus Iconic – Artist: Vincent Coviello

Greeting Spherewalkers, Backers and other awesome people! We are 46% percent funded on Day 5!!! We are so excited that our team has gone into OVERDRIVE trying to give you preview material for this project! Michael Sayre was so fast that the Nexus is ready to fly… into a special closed playtest within this week!!! All backers at PDF level and higher will be receiving this document within the week. And get ready to visit the feytouched splendor of the Orchard District. Vincent is hard at work on new concept art and our environment artists have been given the green-light to render. Get ready for a flood of new vistas and amazing planar phenomena!!

Want to get on the playtest but aren’t sure if you want to back us yet? Look for team members at Gen Con with our City of Seven Seraphs bookmarks, get one, and post a selfie with it to our facebook page. We will send you a link to the closed playtest documentation.

The left the gates unguarded. The Planes are ours.

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