The Dark of it… (Catherine Reveals the Shadow Locks!)

Artist: Liz Courts

Kickstarter Update

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Congratulations to Catherine of Murray, Utah. She was the first one to discover the Shadow Lock Mysteries! Following the clues to she uncovered the hidden message to contact us with her triumph. And we reward inquisitive minds… so for her efforts at cracking the Duality Puzzle we are adding our first unlocked Shadow Goal! The Shadow Goals are granted by Puzzles and add a level of new value to the project at any successful funding level. And with this Shadow Goal unlocked we welcome our first Shadow Weaver:

Framed-Thilo Endzeitgeist Graf.png

ShadowBanner - Thilo.png

Thilo will be joining N. Jolly to give birth to a second new race bathed in the energies of the Radia and Shadow to be included in the base City of Seven Seraphs for all PDF & Hardcover backers. Fresh off of Adventure-a-Week’s Underworld Races & Classes project, Endzeitgeist promises to bring us a fully-aspected race with the alternate traits, archetypes and other mechanics the Pathfinder community has come to crave. And Thilo is the FIRST Shadow Weaver for the project…. But is he the last?

Keep an eye out for the next Shadow Lock puzzle.



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