Moments of Convergence (Kickstarter Update and the Nexus!)

The Kickstarter is 30% funded on day 1!

Thank you!!!


Nexus - Iconic - Final

The Nexus base class iconic – Artist: Vincent Coviello

“The soul is an open gate; the only question is where the gate leads.”

City of Seven Seraphs: Nexus Base Class

The nexus base class will is part of the player options section the City of Seven Seraphs and offers the planar enthusiast a truly unique play experience–customized abilities via attunement (called Convergences) to the Planes of Existence. From the class intro:

“A nexus is a type of veilweaver who mixes their essence with planar energy garnered from across the planes of existence, becoming something new, and powerful. A creature must be born with the capacity to become a nexus, though only a rare few ever discover this aspect of themselves. A nexus is formed when a creature is born with an attachment to more than one plane of existence. While this makes aasimar, tieflings, and other planetouched races the most likely to inherit this unusual power, any number of circumstances can contribute to an otherwise normal specimen of a given species developing the powers and abilities of a nexus, such as a parent or near ancestor wielding planar magics, being born in a location where the barriers between planes are particularly thin, or other, stranger, circumstances.”

The planar reality of the City of Seven Seraphs makes it the birthplace of many of these strange wielders of fused oppositions. While compatible with Dreamscarred PressAkashic Mysteries that product is NOT required to play the nexus as presented in the City of Seven Seraphs book. (But it is an amazing product and you might want to buy it anyway.)

Check out a more in-depth preview on the class creator Michael Sayre’s blog: Here.

Thank you all for supporting the project! There are some exciting things on the Horizon if we can unlock them!

What lies between?

Check back tomorrow for more!

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