Divided We Stand (City of Seven Seraphs: Districts)

Pyrite Dueling Summons.png

Summoned Elemental Sparring Partner – Artist: Vincent Coviello

“The Seraphs are a moment cast in stone. A perfect moment of balance between forces. The breath when fist first contacts target. A second cast between the decisions of strength against endurance. They are tributes to the last flash of doubt and the first spark of truth. The heartbeat between the warmth of an enemy’s flesh and the crushing snaps of bone.”

-Ikoai Rainwell, Master of the Third Way, Thunderchildren

City of Seven Seraphs: Districts

The Seraphs do more than loom high above the City named for them—they also serve as gates and boundaries dividing it into eight Districts:

  • The Seraphs Ring – Sometimes called the Tower or Temple District, the Seraph’s Ring is the heart of civic and religious power in the City. The Faith Devoured’s greatest temple lies there as well as many of the Churches of the Eternals. At the edges of the District at each of the Seraph’s hands stand the fourteen Towers of Parity.
  • The Crowns District – The Sanguine Sovereignty once proclaimed that all royalty of all worlds were welcome to settle the Crowns and a surprising amount of nations seemed to take them up on the offer. Originally used for clandestine meetings by rulers and nobility of the Prime Worlds, the District has grown to accept anyone with the sufficient wealth to purchase a manse or estate within its environs.
  • The Orchard District – Known mostly for its namesake orchards, the District provides for the cities inhabitants with bounty from quasi-real forests of ever-plentiful trees. At the surface, it seems paradisaical but endless food means endless toil. And the District has become far more primal in the wake of the recent fey incursion.
  • The Iron District – The industrial heart of the city, it contains the Thunderchildren’s portals to the Vesicle Mines and to Elemental Earth itself. Multiple facilities dominate the District for processing ore and minting coin. It also contains several oread ghettos, small martial arts academies, and the Prison of the Blackblades.
  • The Colleges District – Home to the main Freeschool campus, as well several colleges of the bardic arts and magical academies, the College district is filled with a passion for art and learning. The Steamwalkers patron many of the schools here in the effort to find the innovators, explorers and scholars of tomorrow.
  • The Archives District – Originally the slums of the City, the Archives District was partially reinvigorated when the run down and ramshackle District started being a favorite hiding place for the secret libraries of the Bookbinders. Still home to the City’s most desperate denizens and its somewhat dubious “Wellness Houses,” the area also is now dotted with strange stone fastnesses, beautiful trap-laden storage buildings and labyrinths of underground secret shelving.
  • The Pacts District – The trade center of the City, the Gates have rarely closed outside the invasion of the Flowered Queen. In these markets the Temple of Coin does its best to ensure any need, vice or secret can be bought and sold.
  • The Docks District – The Sea of Star and Shadow intrudes deeply into the City in this District. The District is both a port of ships sailing the seas of the dark plane and a shimmering spectacle of the shifting nightsky from other worlds welcoming the sailors of the stars. It waters also hold the Icetomb, a massive mausoleum-iceberg where the dead of the City are frozen into place.

Creator Video- The Docks District: George “Loki” Williams

As we started to assign design and development work we tried to find creators who would gift unique flavor and passion to the drafting of the City of Seven Seraphs. And if you want to see the energy they are bringing check out Loki’s video below:

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