We Can Be Heroes (Interview with the Co-Creator of Heroes Cove)

Not every gaming session starts smoothly and sudden cancellations can leave a gaming group with hours to kill and in need of a game to to play. Heroes Cove, soon to launch on Kickstarter, looks like a good option for filling a shorter window of time than a regular game or filling a night with fun if your game falls through. Today, to tell us about it we have an interview with the co-Creator of this fast play RPG….


Interview with Josh Wooten, Co-Creator of Heroes Cove


1)      What is your background as a gamer and why did it drive you to create Heroes Cove?

I mostly play CCGs and board games, but I have also played MMORPGs and RPGs. I love the idea of RPGs, but always hated how long it took to set up an RPG campaign. It takes hours before you even play, and if someone misses a day it can really throw off the campaign.

I also have small children and would love to introduce them to the wonderful imagination and creativity that RPGs represent–Unfortunately the most open-ended games are not very beginner friendly.

2)      What sets Heroes Cove apart from other games? 


Race and Class cards combine into a quick character sheet!


Heroes Cove has a unique style of combining races and classes to create a different play experience each time, but without the hours of setup that a more traditional RPG requires.

I love how people that are not normally “gamers” can really get into the game. I cannot tell you how many times the Significant other, or the parent, or the kid of a gamer has played it only to appease the gamer… and loved it.

3)      What part of gameplay are you most proud of?

I like the tension between wanting to help out, but also wanting to win. Because there are many paths to winning, you and another player may try out different strategies and it is unclear which one will be the best option.

4)      What can people expect from the Kickstarter?

We have a lot in store. We learned a lot from our previous campaign and so we are better prepared. We have also reduced the cost of the game, so you can get into the game at an lower price, but we did a ton of testing to ensure that the changes didn’t adversely affect the fun and re-playability.

I also know how important it is to see someone you can relate to in games…. ..to remind me that whatever I am struggling with, it can be beaten.

5)      Why does inclusiveness matter to you? 

I moved around a lot when I was younger. Because of this I was often an outsider, a minority. I was not great at sports, I was awkward. So I know what it is like to not feel comfortable in my own skin. I turned to Fantasy as an escape.

I also know how important it is to see someone you can relate to in the games or any other media. Someone that has beat the challenges I face, someone to aspire to, someone to remind me that whatever I am struggling with, it can be beaten.

6)      Where can people demo the game?

We will be at FanX in a few weeks, but if you are in the Salt Lake Valley or nearby you can contact us and we are always happy to set up a private demo at a card shop or another location.

7)      Are there promotional items? How can people get them?Four Leaf Clover.jpg

We have several promos available to those that try out the game, and we have some special ones available at FanX. But we also have some St. Patrick’s day promos available to those that pledge between the 17th-19th on Kickstarter. Here is an image of one of them. We plan on doing another giveaway on Facebook soon, so like us there so you can enter to win!

Check back for future updates on Heroes Cove as their campaign draws near!

If you are looking for some Pathfinder content for after you Heroes Cove game winds down, you can check out our stuff on RPGNow, DriveThruRPG, and Paizo.com and now on the Open Gaming Store.

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