Shadow of the Day (Shadow Planar Displays of Psionics – Visual)


In  our most recent release, we explore the possibility of planar Source Origins for various psionic characters. Among those empowered are those that gain psionic ability from a connection to the quasi-reality and echoes of the Shadow Plane. While players are always encouraged to customize displays for their psionic abilitiies we thought some inspiration for [Mental, Shadow] psionics was in order, today we look at Visual displays:

Visual Displays

The following displays apply to Shadow Origin powers that carry a visual display type.

  • The manifester’s body glrows translucent and looks like faintly colored crystal or  glass.
  • The shadows spin wildly  shifting and lengthening around the manifester.
  • The manifester’s eyes deepen to a pitiless black, making the manifester seem hollow within.
  • The manifester’s hands or head deepen to ebon or fade to gray taking on the appearance of burned out coals.
  • The manifester’s aura seems to shine while areas around them darken..
  • The manifester seems to replicate shimmering into dozens of flickers before resolving into the singularity of one at the powers manifestation.
  • All sources of light seem to shift hue, such as torches, or even the sun causing things to take of etheric or sickly colors. This does not cause any negative effects for those with light sensitivity.
  • All sources of darkness gains crisp boundaries and seems to writhe as if living.
  • A halo of reverse script appears swirling around you, perhaps spelling out secrets to those who can invert is swirling text quickly enough before they shift.
  • Light gathers to bright sparkling points, darkening the spaces between given the imagery of a star-field dancing around the  manifester.
  • The manifester fades to a black silhouette in which jumping arcs of energy struggle to escape until finally bursting the darkness to stream toward a target..
  • Shades of fallen friends and loved ones materialize near the manifester or target..
  • Black arteries of pulsing power lift from the darkness nearby to feed their energies into the manifester.

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