Danger! High Voltage

Getting ready for GenCon, a lot of people get nervous or frustrated because they want to participate in the new events for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game organized play but “can’t.” They don’t have characters that match a scenario or friends character’s level ranges. Some of these players don’t know that there are an amazing amount of pre-generated characters are available to play and that chronicle sheets can be banked for later use. Each character comes in at 1st, 4th and 7th levels allowing a broad range of play experiences. Today we want to talk about one of our favorite additions to these characters: the bloodrager pregen.

(Note: Names are product identity and we can’t use them, even though we may know them they have to stay out of articles. Sorry for any confusion.)

The PFS Bloodrager Pregen

Rages and bloodrages alter stats. Those in turn alter nearly everything. Still the bloodrager pregen was put together nicely. Looking at some of the specifics:

  • Smackdown! – The bloodrager pregen fights with an earthbreaker. If you aren’t familiar with the weapon it’s a huge hammer that fully exploits strength and a half two-handed weapon mechanics and has a x3 multiplier on criticals.This alone is reason to play this thundering monstrosity.
  • Beast Mode! – Rage can impact so many aspects of a character. The format of the bloodragers sheet is perfect because it has all three character states built out for you. Normal, raged, and post-rage fatigue. No matter where you are in you elemental fury, you are covered.
  • Contained Mechanics – Most of the bloodrager pregen’s combat mechanics are completely on his character sheet. Power attack bonus and penalty, uncanny dodge conditions, and elemental strike powers.
  • High Attack Modifiers – Hitting hard and often is a good way to ensure a newer organized play player feels like they are contributing. Even outside of rage mechanics the character has solid round after round performance.
  • Roleplaying Potential – Like yesterday’s kinetic, clear mechanics and solid party role mean the bloodrager pregen is a great character to explode into roleplaying with. The fury of the storms and the breath heaving fatigue are just the beginning of this stand-in character’s definition.

Don’t let the lack of a character deny you the fun of playing in a good game at GenCon or any PFS table. Come back tomorrow and we will take a look ideas for you Con-going pleasure!

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