Echoes of Tomorrow (Presitge Classes in the Book of Beyond)

Artist: Dimas Wijil Pamungkas

With the Book of Beyond: Liminal Power now nearing release we will we wanted to reassure our subscribers that there is light at the end of the tunnel. To whet your  appetite here is a look at the prestige classes that we are including in the book:

  • Astral Antiquarian – A gifted channeler of the awakened potential of artifacts, these characters focus on unlocking a world of psionic and psychic implements. They master techniques of astral infusion to surge their implements temporarily.
  • Blackblade Breaker – Mastering the entropic elements of negative planar infusion, these warriors learn to shatter shadow versions of themselves, providing their own tactical advantages  from flanking to misdirection.
  • Dreamsealer – A studied master of the energies of spirit and mind, the dreamsealer uses healing as an opportunity to enhance the life it finds. Providing wounded allies with seals that unlock new powers and transform their physical being, their powers is amazing as it is fleeting.
  • Eye of the Storm – Wilder and mages have flirted with the power of Chaos for ages, but the Eye of the Storm welcomes it into their being. Gaining wildly unstable energies they can’t hope to control forever, these masters power combinations live for the unbridled power of their lucid moments.
  • Gyreblade – Soulknives and other mystic warriors have found ways to awake the weapons of the mind, spell and power. The gyreblade seeks to fuse these weapons into one singular power combining the lore of mind and magic into one weapon of endless potential.
  • Shadowed Packmaster – Mentalists and mages call to the silver sea of the Astral for summoned constructs of crystallized thought or planes like the Shadow for dark echoes of what is. The Shadowed Packmaster learns to utilized two planes at once, drawing shadow versions of his own summons as  he calls them to form a pack of servitors.
  • Souldancer – Some mentalists learn the strange art of possessing another creature’s body. The souldancer perfects it learning to migrate from host to host, shift her friends to less wounded bodies or even to call back the lost to life.
  • Tribemind – Rare are those whose mind fragments to for other selves, rarer still are those who learn to control this phenomena. The tribemind learns to command their inner multitudes and call upon them in moments of need.
  • Trinity Mage – Exploiting one of the Great Laws, the trinity mage masters the art of drawing on three distinct power sources learning to enter the trance-like Trinity State their oscillating power builds to rival the most focused of supernatures.

These prestige classes, archetypes and dozens of new feats are available later this summer in the Book of Beyond: Liminal Power! You can get it as part of the Book of Beyond WIP subcription or get it stand alone. Our other products at:, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow.

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