Astral Antiquarian Preview

Wow. This year has taken a lot of people I care for. A lot of people tragically killed by hate and ignorance. A lot of people who finally were allowed to surrender to long battles with age or illness. I have written a lot about the spiritual practice of heroic storytelling and its benefits to the women and men who chose to do it. In the worlds of these mythic beings of divine empowerment or arcane insights, death is not always the one-way road we experience it to be.

Regardless of the passage of the spirit, in the heroic gaming and worlds of mythology, death is sometimes instead the ultimate quest. The descent into Hades, the soothed maw of Cerebus behind us, and the reclamation of a fallen loved one. The climatic battle against the tide of death itself to return to the sunlit world with your beloved, a hero ultimately triumphant. To step into the heavens themselves when you weary of the world, a deathless glory of starlight.

That is how I want this to work.

So when, I lost my mother a few weeks back I decided to give her that world. I commissioned this piece based off of several pictures of her in her early adulthood. I never got to know her that way but it bares a striking resemblance to many of my nieces. My mother fits well in the Hero’s realm. She is a keeper of things of value, a wise woman willing to fight for what she believes, to help others rectify the mistakes of the past and to contain the dark things that should not be allowed to roam.

Too many stars have fallen in our world.

I gave my mother to a world that deserves her. Because she was a hero. A quiet, humble one but so very powerful. With a powerful light the darkness for others.  In my mind I see her there now. Welcoming so many others… brave enough to love in a world that hates them,  strong enough to earn their peace, and singing the sky Purple and Diamond. A host of Champions Radiant. Today it seems I send them the Autumn King, another gone so soon.

Such a force shall keep that world whole and wondrous.

And here, I thank those who make this place worth remaining in. The other Dreamsmiths and Wonderworkers, the Heronamers and the Shadowguards, the Lovelights and the Hearthwatchers. We are the conduits from the World of Heroes to this one. We have much work to do to make this place like theirs. Grateful then am I to have so much light to see them by and learn their ways. So many heroes to inspire us, rising to better worlds.

I see you. I hear you. I live you.


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