Take the Wheel (Book of Beyond: Liminal Power Preview – Lasting Manifestation)

Darkside Color Title

The psyches of those impacted by the worst distortions of the mental energies present in the Transitive Planes can be wondrous and terrible to behold. Within them can lie oceans of subconscious personality. Fragments can become powerful enough to surface to control the body or touch the outside world for moments. Some liminal beings learn to make peace with these inner demons and can unleash them for greater periods of time…

Book of Beyond Preview: Lasting Manifestation

Lasting Manifestation (Liminal)

You have begun to make peace with your inner selves and can cede control of your body completely to them for longer periods of time.

Prerequisite: Persistent Self

Benefit: When triggering a Liminal Self feat you possess you may choose to let the Liminal Self control you utterly. Until you gain a negative condition your Liminal Self remains in control. If you gain a new negative condition, your Liminal Self may surrender the body to you. If it does you suffer discharge as normal. Otherwise the Liminal Self remains until the body enters sleep or trance as appropriate to the race. This feat does not prevent flaws or class features that force Liminal Self changes from functioning.

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