Caught a Lite Sneeze (Drawback: Allergies)


Sometimes a character needs that extra something to gel right, a player finds their starting concept doesn’t quite work or they simply can’t make the decision between useful traits. GMs might want to include drawbacks introduced in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Campaign guide. These “anti-traits” allow a character to select a 3rd trait selection to round out their backgrounds and can be quite the tempting offer….

Drawback: Allergies

One of the few drawback not listed in the original introduction but common throughout literature, movies and in real life is that of allergies. We have a first peak at what might look like in the goblin dog ability “Allergic Reaction” and from it we can model our missing drawback:

“Allergies: Select one common substance which becomes your allergen. The GM can call for a  DC 12 Fortitude save or break out in an itching rash. A creature affected by this rash takes a –2 penalty to Dexterity and Charisma for 1 day (multiple allergic reactions do not stack).Remove disease or any magical healing removes the rash instantly. This is a disease effect. The GM may increase the DC per quantity or multiple exposure.”

Whether its cat fur or Blackport rum, the addition of an allergy at character creation may open the door to build the character you want to play. And how often is the GM really going to have you run into Rahimi flour?

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