Shed a Little Light (Book of Beyond Preview: Ether Sheath)


We have looked a lot at the potentials of active liminal power users recently and their abilities’ origins in Transitive Planes. Each of them from the twilight masters of the Shadow Plane to the psionic titans of the Astral Plane gains distinct advantages from their connections to these mutable and fluid planes. Many more others develop these abilities more subtly often not being aware of the nature of the capacities they are developing. Among these are individuals who develop an etheric second-skin…

Book of Beyond Preview: Etheric Sheath

Etheric Sheath (Liminal)

Your emotions unconsciously gather etheric energy around your lifeforce gaining a protective sheath of spiritual energy.

Benefit: When called to make a save versus a supernatural ability, power or spell that effects your lifeforce (such as negative energy, death effects or possession) you may discharge this feat to gain an additional roll against the effect once per day as an immediate action. You may choose to use this after you know the success or failure of your first roll. Alternatively, you may use the etheric energy to power any emotion based class feature (like rage) for a round, to gain the ardent condition, or to cast a spell with an emotion component even when under the effects of an emotion or fear effect. These uses are part of the normal activation of the ability or casting of the spell. For every two (Liminal) feats you possess beyond this one you gain an additional daily use of the Etheric Sheath feat.

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