Rise & Fall (Book of Beyond Preview: Emotive Resonance)

Artist: Dimas Wijil Pamungkas

Previously, we discussed the nature of the energies of the Ethereal Plane and their particular resonance with liminal beings experiencing states of heightened emotion. It stands to reason then that psychics and other etheric-empowered spellcasters and channelers may experience heightened levels of power during intense emotions, which in turn leads us right into today’s Book of Beyond preview …

Book of Beyond Preview: Emotive Resonance

Emotive Resonance

When moved by the power of emotion your etheric energies rise as well.

Benefit: Your effective psychic caster levels and/or effective kineticist level receive a circumstance bonus equal to the highest morale bonus you  are currently under the effect of. You may use kineticist class abilities and cast psychic spells while under the effect of rage or similar class features and effects. Your effective caster level or kineticist level cannot be elevated above your character level.

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