This is War (10 Super Soldiers in the Pathfinder RPG)


With the prominence of superhero movies like Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War the possibility of introducing superheroic elements into our games is pretty cool. The kind of organizations that would strive to empower common humans to be more than the peers scream awesome villainy. And while constructs and even undead present ideal obedient soldiers, they present outlays of resources that prevent the fielding of armies of them. If a more cost effective process of empowering humans (or other races) existed it might even be worth the risk of the occasional accidental empowerment of PCs to oppose their regime…

10 Ideas for Pathfinder RPG “Super Soldiers” 

Here is a list of 10 possible races and classes that could be empowered by nefarious organizations in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game:

  1. Bloodrager – The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Class Guide gave us the amazing blend of martial power and supernatural power. Legendary Games recently featured one such empowered soldier in the sci-fantasy adventure series.
  2. Aegis (Aberrant Archetype) – A strictly biological version of the aegis, the aberrant might be the best choice for a resilient, super-strong and otherwise improved being. Natural attacks and a good ability to interact with martial gear including regular armor might even make a good candidate for a shield throwing national hero.
  3. Wilders – Dreamscarred Press’ take on the psionics of the ancestral system has vastly expanded the wild surge schema and possible expression of mental powers. These could easily be used to model a group of similar powered infantry or even airborne mentalists.
  4. Umbra – Amora games has given this planar empowered class to the world, designed by Bradley Crouch of Interjection Games, it beat kineticist to the elemental punch and has amazing hybrid powers available to it if not the same workday.
  5. Symbiat – Drop Dead Studios presented this vaguely familiar class of mind manipulating, telekinetic warrior mystics. If the campaign is in a galaxy far away this might be a droid to look for.
  6. Metamorph – A second offering from Amora games, a campaign can use the various subtypes of this class to have a variety of empowers soldiers, with class abilities almost strictly biological in nature it even fits in rapid or “autoleveled” situations.
  7. Daevic – The fusing of spirits of wrath or destruction with human hosts on a massive scale would be terrifying. Spiritually joined military could possibly even present control mechanism, motive and zero-loss training system as that spirits freed of slain hosts could be called back to empower new ones.
  8. Elan– The psionically transfigured master race of the ancestral system makes another solid offering. With mental imprinting as part of their racial genesis it is possible to use nearly any class with them.
  9. Bloodborn –  This magically created race uses the magical energies of an ancient civilization and the blood of two donor creatures to fuse into a “newborn” warrior with aspects of both blood donors and the lore of the ancient society that left the Bloodwells.
  10. Kineticist – Of course the psychic entry to the list is probably represented best by our powerful blaster of raw elemental energies. If you want more thank the basic four (or the awesomeness of Aether) there are great offerings from Legendary Games and Rogue Genius Games.

Splashing elements like organized enhancement projects from the comic book genre into Pathfinder Roleplaying Games can lead to amazingly fun scenarios, PC origins and recurring bad guys!

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