I Only Have Eyes for You (Rapid Shot: Manifold Stare)

In the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventure’s rulebook we gained what is possibly the system’s premier “controller,” the mesmerist. Very quickly tables began to feel the weight of its debilitating stare and the beguiling nature of its magic. As an added bonus the class gain a strange little twist called painful stare

Painful Stare

Painful stare entered some strange territory because it was a free action damage augment to the next successful attack on the targeted creature. Clocking in at 1/2 the mesmerist‘s level (minimum  1) it didn’t rise a lot of issues other than flavorful curiosity. We then noted that is the mesmerist herself triggered the attack it gained 1d6 starting at 3rd level. And ramping to 6d6 at 18th level. This is of course in addition to its 1/2 level  add, meaning a 9th level mesmerist can add 3d6+4 to a successful attack against a creature. Comparing this to a rogue’s  5d6 at the same level and the total is impressive. Especially when it comes to the fact it doesn’t require flat-footed or flanked conditions to trigger. Too bad it is only once per round right?

Enter Manifold Stare

This new sourcebook gives us:

Manifold Stare (Combat, Stare)

Your hypnotic gaze causes tremendous pain in its victims.

Prerequisites: Mesmerist level 3rd, painful stare class feature.
Benefit: You can trigger your painful stare one additional time per round.
Special: This feat can be taken once by a 3rd-level mesmerist, and again when he reaches 9th and 15th levels. Its effects stack. A mesmerist can take this feat in place of a bold stare improvement.

With a built in trade for bold stare improvements and normal feat progression it possible to mirror attack  progressions and nearly always have mesmerist who benefits from the bonus damage from their own painful stare. It is even possible to stay one ahead for potential aid to your party’s attacks. This change presents us a viable alternative to rogues with similar damage outputs and still has control spells that are very formidable.

We welcome the melee mesmerist to the table and hope it stays a while!

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