Memento (Occultists and Astral Energy)


As we draw nearer to the release of Book of Beyond: Liminal Power, we delve further into the mysteries of those empowered by the Transitive Planes. Today we take a look at the nature of etheric energies and the implements of the occult that they often empower and their astral equivalences.

Etheric Resonance

In previous discussions we have considered the nature of the Ethereal Plane and its energies and proto-matter. The emotionally reactive nature of its state means when a psychic magic user invests attention, often called “mental focus” in an object, this object begins to resonate with the wielders perceptions of the item and the perceptions of others.  An objects perceived history becomes its potential power.

This pattern leads occultists to seek items of historical significance. Oddly, it isn’t requisite that the item truly is the legend in question but rather that it is of a similar enough nature to allow the mental focus to catalyze latent etheric impressions of the legend within the invested item granting it resonant energies that express in relatively stable ways.

Conversely, these resonances can be burned in spectacular expressions of similar magical energy. Abjurative resistances can be migrated through the Prime to express force fields or magic supression fields. Necrotic dominance can be infused into remains to briefly call the dead to life or harm the living. These flares consume focus and cause the implement to become less resonant.

Astral Flaring

Astral energies with their more fluid relationship to the will are not entirely absent in the process of etheric resonance. Some mentalists even claim that the process of consuming mental focus releases that force of willpower into the astral plane as part of the energetic migration. What is clear however is that some Astral power users can utilize their focused state to cause an “Astral Backflow” into an implement they are attuned to…

Book of Beyond Preview: Astral Flare

Astral Flare [Liminal, Psionic]

Prerequisites: Mental Focus pool, psionic subtype.

Benefit: You make utilize your astral energies by expending your psionic focus as a free action to empower your occultist implements. When you do so your implement becomes resonant as though it had two more points of mental focus invested in it for 1 round.

Additionally, as a standard action you may burn this invested enegy as though you spent focus points to activate a focus power with a cost of 2 points or less. If you do so, the focus power resolves at second level. When spending. selecting focus powers or investing focus in an implement your occultist level stacks with all manifester levels you possess up to the limit of your character level.


For more info on psionic and occult interaction look for Book of Beyond: Liminal Power later this summer or get it as part of the Book of Beyond WIP SubcriptionEcho (our liminal power user) and our other products are available on, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow.


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