Countdown to PaizoCon: 10

Event Trades

We are getting ready for our annual trek to PaizoCon and wanted to take a look at getting ready for OUR favorite four days in gaming. While a guide to the events lottery and systems would be great, the time for that has come and gone already before our countdown start (Watch this around early April to get the best shot). But there is still hope! We are going to start out countdown with the best way to fix event issues DIY style:

Using the Event Trade Tool

If you are really trying to get into a premium event, the best bet is the lottery BUT if you miss your shot, the event trade tool allows you offer up events you do have access to for others you want. It is accessed from your events page through the “Event Trading” link above your schedule:

2016-05-16 (2).png

You can offer any event you have signed up for for any event that has gone out. The dialogues are very easy to navigate. While far from guaranteed we have seen plenty of trades happen to get people in to events last minute. You have seven days from today to submit event trade proposals, which close next Monday (the 23rd).

But that is not all. After the convention starts, you can use the physical trade board that is generally located by the entry to Paizo Store area. These trades are more fast and loose with a “give one, take one” mentality.

Not able to get the event you want? Don’t worry most slots have TONS of awesome PFS games and many need members to round out their tables. The seminars are great and rarely need to turn away an extra body, but PLEASE be sensitive to those that need materials to cover activities and give as much heads up as possible.

Feel free to say hi to us at PaizoCon and we hope to see you there!

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