Back to Back (Dynamic Duos)

Ahnula and RenyxWith the superheroic movie market exploding and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Intrigue guide still impacting games everywhere, a brief look at duo-themed characters might be overdue. From Paizo’s core teamwork feat mechanics to third party options, a number of potentially fun dynamic duos can be built out…

Do the da’ Duo

Regarding PFS play, core metabalance options, debuff roles, and teamwork feat mechanics are solid ways to build a good duo. Some examples:

  • Animal Companion Druid and Rogue – Flanking, sneak attack, and other tactical positioning end up making this duo (trio?) remarkably effective. Other variations include summoners, cavaliers and ninjas. Double rogues or rogue/ninja paring also works for hyper damage flanks.
  • Enchanter and Mesmerist – Stares to reduce saves, mind attacking spells to riff debuffs and Will reductions one after another. Eventually crippling control attacks or compulsions are nearly guaranteed. Poisoners and evokers can enjoy similar Dexterity base synergy.
  • Melee characters taking teamwork feats like Outflank, Overwhelm and Precise Strike.

If you are playing a home game or other third party friendly options the world opens up a bit. Consider looking at:

  • “Paired 5th-Wheel Buffers”- Multiple augmented like Synergist or Aetherblade paired to one another can make devastating paired combatants often times elevating the teamwork mechanics to another level of play.
  • Heartbound Companion Feats – Utilizing feats from the Heartbound Heroes ruleset or the Paramour class can also build some pretty solid duos. The Heartbound rules allow for characters who work together to share different strengths while still gaining benefits regarding one another.
  • Elemental Synergy – Elemental interactions and spellcasting feats can go a long way toward making duos that have themed power interactions. Ice and fire themed casters or the like can achieve spectacular results with Oppositional Spell and other similar effects.

Duos can be rewarding at the table and amazing to roleplay. Tandem character creation and development is a challenge worth the effort.

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